SEIU 1021

Contribute to the Mendocino County Strike Fund


A number of years ago, the Mendocino County Chapter established a Chapter Strike Fund to provide financial assistance in the event of a strike. We are committed to reaching a fair agreement with the County, but should the County refuse to bargain in good faith or commit unfair labor practices, we must be ready to strike if necessary. To prepare for this possibility, the Chapter Executive Board and Negotiating Team have called for a resumption of the Chapter Strike Fund.

The Strike Fund is not intended to be a substitute for wages but rather a tool to strengthen participation and support a limited number of financially disadvantaged members in the event of a strike.

The decision to go on strike is never made lightly. In order to call a strike, members must vote via secret ballot to authorize a strike. Being prepared and keeping our options open are essential if we want our Negotiating Team to the have the greatest leverage at the bargaining table.

To be eligible to participate in the Chapter Strike Fund you must:

  1. be a union member in good standing for at least two months at the time the strike begins
  2. make  monthly contributions to the Chapter Strike Fund
  3. have made a minimum of three monthly contributions to the Chapter Strike Fund.

In order to begin participating in the Mendocino County Chapter Strike Fund, click here and select a contribution amount.