SEIU 1021

2022 Executive Board Election Results
2022 Election Committee Announcement


Posted: Dec. 27, 2021

The following eligible nominated candidates have been deemed elected for the 2022 Local 1021 Executive Board as a result of only one (1) eligible candidate being nominated for each office listed below. (download the full announcement here.)

President: Joseph Bryant; Vice-President of Politics: Ramses Teon-Nichols; Vice-President of Organizing: Brandon Dawkins; Vice-President of Representation: Sandra Lewis; Vice-President Region A (North Central): Akbar Bibb; Vice-President Region B (North Coast): Mary Sandberg; Vice-President Region C (East Bay): Yeon Park; Vice-President Region D (San Francisco): Theresa Rutherford;  Vice-President Region E (San Joaquin/Calaveras/Amador): Taffie Walter; Secretary: Mary Duncan; Treasurer: Amos Eaton; Retirement Security Committee Chair: Derrick Boutte;  

Cities Industry Chair: Felipe Cuevas; City and County of San Francisco Industry Chair: Evelyn Curiel; Counties Industry Chair: Tina Tapia; Courts Industry Chair: Kasha Clarke; Health Care Industry Chair: Moises Vega; Private Sector/Non-Profit Industry Chair: Angel Valdez; Education Industry Chair: Maria Salazar-Colon; Special Districts Industry Chair: John Arantes;  

Alameda County Area Representatives: Tina Diep, Veronica Palacios, and Richard Thoele; Amador County Area Representative: Patricia Orey; Calaveras County Area Representative: Todd Nosanow; Mendocino County Area Representative: Toni Fort; San Francisco County Area Representatives: Charito Casanas; Solano  County Area Representative: Elizabeth Harrison; Sonoma County Area Representative: Sandy Sigala;   

Budget & Finance Committee Region A (North Central): Tazamisha Alexander and Karla Faucett; Budget & Finance Committee Region B (North Coast) (1 of 2): Travis Balzarini; Budget & Finance Committee Region C (East Bay): Rhea Davis and Cynthia Landry; Budget & Finance Committee Region D (San Francisco): Trevor Adams and Harold Powell; Budget & Finance Committee Region E (San Joaquin/Calaveras/Amador) (1 of 2): Monique Baca; and Retiree Council Chair: Greg Marro.  

The following races received no eligible nominations for candidates; therefore, the vacancies will be filled through appointment by the Executive Board at a later date:  

Budget & Finance Committee Region B (North Coast) (1); Budget & Finance Committee Region E (San Joaquin/Calaveras/Amador) (1);  Butte County Area Representative (1); Contra Costa County Area Representative (1); Del Norte County Area Representative (1); Marin County Area Representative (1); Napa County Area Representative (1); Registered Nurses Industry Chair (1); Sacramento County Area Representative (1); San Joaquin County Area Representative (1); San Francisco County Area Representative (2); Shasta County Area Representative (1); Social and Economic Justice Committee Chair (1); and Yuba County Area Representative (1). 

Ballots Item 7 of the Nomination and Election Notice states that only one eligible candidate is nominated for an office, the candidate shall be listed on the ballot. However, the Election Committee has determined, in the interest of efficiency and avoiding voter confusion, that for this election, no ballots will be mailed out as a result of no contested elections and the candidate nominated for each office shall be deemed elected.  

Challenges or Protests 

Section 18.2(K) of the bylaws states that any challenge or protest concerning the conduct of the election or election results must be submitted in writing, with specific facts setting forth the challenge or protest, and must be received by the Election Committee within ten (10) calendar days of the posting of election results.   Pursuant to section 18.2(J)(7), if 

only one (1) eligible candidate is nominated for an office, s/he shall be elected without further procedures.  Because there are no contested elections, the above announced information constitutes the posting of election results under Section 18.2(K) of the bylaws, and any challenges or protests must be received no later than ten (10) days of the date of 

posting which replaces the February 28 deadline to submit challenges and protests listed in the Election Notice.  

Report and Certification of Election Results 

In the March Executive Board meeting, pursuant to section 18.2(J)(7-8) of the bylaws, the Election Committee will certify the election results and submit a written report to the Executive Board. The report shall include candidate/issue vote totals, any challenges filed, and the names and contact information of the Election Committee members. Election results shall be posted for public viewing. All elected officers and Executive Board members shall assume office upon taking an oath of office at this Executive Board meeting.