SEIU 1021

We’ve ratified our MTA Service Critical agreement!


Last week, SEIU 1021 members working for the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency voted overwhelmingly by 96% to ratify our next contract. 

Along with City & County workers, who ratified their new agreement the week before, we won a 10% wage increase through a months-long #StaffUpSF campaign in partnership with other city unions. This new agreement includes significant progress on the priorities identified by members and will help recruit and retain staff to make our public services strong.

“This is an agreement that SFMTA members can really be proud of, and I think that’s reflected by the fact that 96% of members voted to approve it. Your bargaining team worked hard over the course of several months, particularly through some marathon bargaining sessions at the end, but this contract was made possible because of our unity. Our power at the table was amplified by the actions we took together. We rallied at City Hall, marched in the streets, and made sure SFMTA leadership knew that to make our agency work, they needed to invest in workers,” said Trevor Adams, a Parking Control Officer and member of our bargaining team.

Our new agreement will go into effect on July 1, 2022.

You can download a booklet containing both a summary of our TA plus the full language of each agreement here.

Summary of our tentative agreement

Here’s what we won: 2-year agreement, expires June 30, 2024

  • A historic 10% wage increase over 2 years. This is the highest wage increase in the last 18 years. and would not have been possible without solidarity and cooperation across San Francisco’s other public sector unions.
    • Year 1: 5.25% on July 1, 2022
    • Year 2: 2.50% on July 1, 2023* and 2.25%* in Jan. 2024 (*6 month offramp in case of $300+ mil deficit)
    • Due to positive pension fund results, employee contribution to the pension will be reduced by around 1%, resulting in an additional appx. 1% wage increase (actual increase will vary)
  • FMLA appeals process that allows employees to file an EEO complaint and/or grievance.  
  • Side letter of agreement for JLMC to address new job scopes.
  • Adding Juneteenth (6/19) and Indigenous Peoples’ Day holidays to the contract.        
  • Expanding provisions for DSW training, notices, and assignments.          
  • Adds language saying that SFMTA shall not discontinue union memberships without notice from the union.           
  • Important revisions for 9102 Transit Car Cleaner and 9104 TCC Assistant Supervisor uniforms and equipment.           
  • Increases resources and access for workforce development and establishes an Equitable Workplace Committee.          
  • Sets a timeline for assault prevention & harm reduction committee to meet upon ratification. 
  • 8214 and 8216 of the Month recognition allowance increase to $400 for those meeting the criteria* and $250 for the runner-up.  *(criteria will be developed jointly with the Union upon ratification)
  • 1937 Supervising Parts Store Storekeeper equity adjustment.
  • New section establishing uniform and equipment specifications to benefit 9110, 9116 and 9117 Revenue class series
  • Language improvements benefitting Revenue Division members in their requests for time off and approval notifications, including notifications to the stewards.
  • Establishes an SFMTA Operating Budget JLMC to seek additional stimulus funding sources.
  • Increase in covered stations for opening and closing premium and establishment of a Forrest Hill parking location for 9131 Station Agents.
  • Improvements in assault reporting and notices. Establishes a meeting with management to create updated forms.
  • Increasing commitment to providing restrooms & breakrooms.
  • Lead person premium pay increases from $10 to $15.
  • Attendance bonus improvements for PCOs and Sr. PCOs.
  • If financials in the March 2023 joint report are not projected to be in deficit, then the 8214 & 8216 Fixed Post Pay will change from a 7.5% premium when assigned to the duty to a 3% increase to the base rate of pay for engaging in intersection/traffic control. The 7.5% premium stays in effect until the change.
  • 1% base wage equity adjustment to 9102, 9104, 9110, 9116, 9117, 9126, 9128 and 9131 in lieu of weekend premium.
  • 8214 and 8216 classifications receive a 2% base wage increase for step 7 effective 7/1/2023.
  • Improvements on language for reasonable accommodations to clarify timelines and process in the MOU.
  • Increases tuition reimbursement investment and utilization amount while also increasing aid to applicants.
  • Improvements on MOU language for TEX employee pathways to PSC positions.
  • Side letter agreement on improving workforce development and career ladders.
  • Establishes timeline for the Occupational Health & Safety Committee LMC to meet in 2022.
  • Establishes a compensation class study committee for 8214, 8216, 9110, 9116 and 9104 classifications for 2024 bargaining.