SEIU 1021

We Need YOUR Help!
To Fix the Way Discipline Works for Civilians in the Police Department


Currently, SEIU 1021 civilian, non-sworn members who work in OPD are subject to discipline through the Internal Affairs department.

This is wasteful and often unfair. Internal Affairs should be investigating sworn officers, not our members.

The City has agreed to work with us to reform and revise the Civilian Disciplinary Process: and we need your help to do it!

We’re looking for some volunteers to help us craft our proposals before we meet with the City. If you’re interested, or if you have questions, please ask:

  • SEIU 1021 Steward Antoinette Blue
  • Nicole Hartwell
  • SEIU 1021 Steward David Myles
  • SEIU 1021 Chapter President for the City of Oakland Felipe Cuevas
  • Field Representative Roxanne Barnett