SEIU 1021

Update on return to in-person work negotiations


A few weeks ago the NorCal Outpatient Union Alliance successfully engaged in our first meeting with upper management regarding the mandate that all staff return to the offices five days per week. We are a group of dedicated HR360 outpatient staff who are standing up on behalf of ourselves and our clients to fight for a voice at HR360. We are calling for a hybrid schedule, and invite you to sign our petition to show your support.

We were disheartened that executive management did not attend despite our efforts to address this issue since February 17. HR representatives and program directors from each San Francisco Outpatient program were in attendance.

Significant points were made around how a hybrid schedule will assist with employee retention. We discussed how we are losing more staff because of the full return to office mandate, how caring for the needs of staff helps us meet the needs of clients, and how many of the issues we face at work are exasperated by understaffing. The bottom line is that employee retention is paramount for outpatient staff to be successful in our work, as it is throughout the organization. 

As a result of our, advocacy HR360 has agreed that we can work one day remotely—but we know that we must continue to organize and push for a model that fully supports workers!

Sign our petition now.

We look forward to ongoing meetings with management to advocate for fairness and common-sense solutions that value staff and our clients. Please sign our petition in support of a hybrid work model.

Click here to read a full version of our letter to management.