SEIU 1021

Saving Sonoma County Parks and Jobs


“I’m calling members, texting people I know, pulling on people’s ears to educate them on the importance of Sonoma County’s Measure M,” said Michael Stanford, who works in Sonoma County Parks “I tell them that if they love the great outdoors and want more parkland with more trails, and also want to create green union jobs, they should vote yes.”

Measure M, if approved by voters, will raise funds for county and city parks throughout Sonoma County, bringing in approximately $11.5 million dollars annually to the parks system. 

“It would lead to major renovations of our current parks which are degrading fast, open new parkland and, most importantly for our members, lead to permanent positions for Sonoma County Regional Parks employees who are stuck as extra Help due to the lack of funding for parks programs,” Stanford continued. “Measure M has wide support, including almost every elected leader in the area, environmental groups, labor unions, and anyone else who cares about our community,.

If you are interested in volunteering to help pass Measure M and other measures that support working families and our communities, contact the Member Resource Center for more information at 1-866-687-1021.