SEIU 1021

Providing Relief During the Mendocino Complex Fires


On July 27, Brian Klovski got a call from his boss that a mandatory evacuation was in place due to a massive wildfire, and it was spreading fast. “We train throughout the year to prepare for calls like that.  Within hours, we got to work to help evacuees displaced by the Mendocino Complex Fires with temporary shelter.”
Brian works for the Health and Human Services Department helping coordinate homeless services throughout the Mendocino County. During a countywide disaster, he leads the Mendocino County Care and Shelter Team. 

“During July 27- August 10, our members helped setup, operate, and close the shelter, and are still working on recovery efforts and are ready to be deployed again when needed,” said Brian.

Even as their own families are forced to evacuate, SEIU 1021 members continue to be there for one another and the affected members of their community. At Mendocino College, Brian and his fellow county workers got help from the junior college’s workers, who are also members of our union.  “The school workers at the college were great, they helped with custodial services and feeding evacuees,” said Brian.

“Together, we’ve provided services to over 400 people seeking help. The shelter is staffed entirely by my fellow 1021 members, 24 hours a day, for over two weeks. I’m proud of our response and our care and shelter team,” said Brian.