SEIU 1021

Keep healthcare workers and our communities safe and healthy


Add your name to our petition calling for more COVID-19 tests and protective equipment.

There’s a good chance that if you’ve turned on the news recently, you’ve seen frontline workers—like SEIU 1021 members working in healthcare—talking about the desperate need for adequate supplies and protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, decades of tax cuts for corporations and the ultra-wealthy have gutted our public health budgets and underfunded our social safety net. Now, we are seeing the dire consequences that workers have predicted all along.

But you can help. Sign our petition demanding that President Trump and corporations step up to provide critical supplies, tests, and personal protective equipment to help keep healthcare workers and our communities safe and healthy.

You can also visit to stay up to date on everything SEIU 1021 members are doing to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and communities across Northern California.

Together, we are demanding:

  • Immediate distribution of masks and equipment in the National Strategic Stockpile
  • Getting supplies from other industries to healthcare workers 
  • Using the power of the federal government to ensure faster production of new supplies  
  • Distributing supplies for acute care, home care, nursing homes and other long term care settings
  • Easy testing for all healthcare and emergency workers who need it
  • Emergency relief to hire and train more healthcare workers
  • Expanded healthcare and child care coverage
  • Fully-funded healthcare for every worker
  • Paid leave 
  • Job and wage security
  • Putting working families at the heart of any relief proposals