SEIU 1021

As COVID-19 presents challenges for us all, SEIU 1021 members at BART step up to help the transit system


COVID-19 has presented challenges for us all, and our public transit systems are no exception. Throughout this pandemic, however, our members at BART have worked hard to ensure that the system stays safe and reliable for Bay Area commuters.

The nearly 1,900 SEIU 1021 members working for BART have continued contributing to the system’s success despite the pandemic’s obstacles. These workers have helped the system prepare to scale service back up as ridership increases, and have helped the system save hundreds of millions of dollars by taking on work in capital infrastructure maintenance and upgrade projects that were originally going to be outsourced. 

“Doing this work in-house uses the skills, training, and experience of existing employees to deliver better work at a lower cost to the district. This improves efficiency, provides cost savings, and results in greater quality of work and more accountability. The contributions our members are making will help BART serve our community better for years to come. We are proud that we were able to continue to work with management and the BART Board of Directors to help address the system’s overall needs without punishing the dedicated, well-trained workforce that makes BART go,” said SEIU 1021 BART Chapter President John Arantes, a transit vehicle mechanic.

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