SEIU 1021

The County Says We’re Not a Priority
It's Time to Change That


Our Union Coalition Bargaining Team, representing 9 Unions and 6000 + County employees, met with the County management team the morning of Friday May 13th. The County’s negotiators continue to keep an outrageous proposal on the table, a “poison pill” proposal that will take money away from our general wage increases if we bargain over anything economic at our local union bargaining table. The County only moved 1% in wage increases in the last year of the contract from 3% to 4%. They did offer a one-time $2,000.00 pandemic relief payment, but it was unclear who would receive it. Contra Costa County employees earn less than workers in EVERY other county in the Bay Area. Our coalition proposal is fair, justified, and necessary to solve the county’s staffing and services crisis. 

We’re going back to the table on Friday, May 20, and we need the County’s team to see that we’re fully unified as a coalition and not willing to accept their lowball proposals that will keep us understaffed and unable to serve our communities. Please make time to attend your local worksite rally so management will see that it’s time to make us their priority!

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