SEIU 1021

Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector District Chapter Elects & Certifies First Convention Delegates


The Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector District Chapter is the first chapter to elect and certify their convention delegates.

Vector Control Inspector Joe Cleope was elected to be a delegate along with his co-worker Jason Descans. Danielle Wisniewski was elected to serve as an alternate delegate.

“I wanted to be a delegate because the convention brings people together and shows solidarity. I have never been to a convention and am looking forward to networking with members from other chapters. It doesn’t matter what job you do. We all have a voice in charting the future of SEIU 1021 and ensuring that our voices are heard outside of our Local as well. It shows people we aren’t going away, no matter what they try to do to attempt to silence us.” Joe Cleope, Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector District Inspector and Certified Delegate for the 2018 Member Convention.

Get involved! Talk to your Shop Steward to find out how you can become a convention delegate. Learn more about the delegate elections and our 2018 membership convention here.