SEIU 1021

As Bargaining Begins, the City Proposes Big Takeaways

Members of the elected Bargaining Team show their solidarity after meeting with the City on Wednesday, May 4.

The elected Bargaining Team has met several times with the City, passing 12 proposals to the City’s 7. On Wednesday, May 4, the City gave a presentation about their budget.

In their budget presentation, the City noted that they have the largest surplus in years, with 40 million dollars in their General Fund bank. So why have they proposed NO wage increase, and proposed to END employer- paid health care, with employees paying in and dental benefits still frozen at a decades-old level?  And why don’t they want to recognize the federal holiday of Juneteenth?

Our proposals have focused on equity, increased retiree medical, and an end to Oakland’s staffing crisis. But, once again, the City is focused on cuts and takeaways, and we’ll have to fight for anything and everything we get.