SEIU 1021

We have a tentative agreement for nonprofit workers at the Asian Art Museum!


After weekly negotiations since the beginning of April 2022, we finally reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) with the Asian Art Museum. We believe this is a strong agreement in light of current and future economic uncertainty. This TA will provide wage increases, job security, and protect our benefits for the next three years. We have also expanded our membership to include as-needed workers. This is a huge step towards building union power at the worksite and fighting for representation for all workers.

We will be holding a vote to ratify our new TA from August 17-19. You will be emailed a link with your ballot.

To make sure you receive a link to vote, please verify your personal email address on file with your Field Representative or by calling the SEIU 1021 Member Resource Center Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 877-687-1021. 

Read a summary of our tentative agreement

You can click here to download the full language of our tentative agreement. Below is a summary of what we won (Effective July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2025):

  • Wages: 12% increase over 3 years – 5% in year 1, 3.5% in year 2, 3.5% in year 3.
  • Workplace respect: Won anti-bullying language.
  • Holidays and time off: Added Juneteenth as a Holiday. Increased vacation accruals:
    • Date of hire – three (3) years: 15 working days
    • Three (3) to six (6) years: 18 working days
    • Six (6) to nine (9) years: 21 working days
    • Nine (9) years and over: 24 working days
  • Strengthened “out of class” language: Acknowledged lateral and lower out of class work and limits out of class work to no more than six months. Established LMC structure to discuss out of class work, workload, and proper assignment plus proper compensation for out of class work.
  • Contracting out: Strengthened language to ensure no contracting out will replace bargaining unit positions. Notice must now be given to the union as well as reports on contracting practices.
  • Representation: Clarified progressive discipline and included discussion on providing employee with training and resources for support prior to discipline.
  • Strengthening our union: Codified 30-minute union new employee orientation to educate new hires about union benefits and contract rights. Ensured management provides current and accurate information about our membership on a quarterly basis.
  • Layoff protection: Added 30-day minimum notice to the union in the event of layoff/furlough.
  • Temps and as-needed: Brought as-needed workers into the union, providing them with raises and seniority. Better defined the temporary employee category.