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The election is now. Drop off your ballot ASAP, and help us talk to voters in battleground states!

SEIU is committed to electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because they’re committed to our members. We’re also fighting to pass measures and elect candidates up and down the ballot who will fight for working people in our workplaces and in our communities. Don’t wait until November to make your voice heard; make a plan to drop off your ballot as soon as possible to ensure it is counted.

Once you’ve voted, can you volunteer to help us call and text voters in critical battleground states and urge them to elect champions for working families? California may be early voting at record pace, but in places like Nevada, early voting numbers haven’t matched the same intensity we’re seeing in other battleground states.

We are onboarding new volunteers over the coming days. Once you’ve been through the initial training, you’ll be able to make calls any time from between 12:30PM – 7:00PM from Wednesday through Election day. Sign up for onboarding below:

Voters across California are turning out to vote in record numbers, but we can’t allow ourselves to become comfortable. We have to to everything in our power to deliver a democracy where everyone counts, without exceptions.

In addition to the phone banking voters in Nevada, there are also a number of other opportunities for you to volunteer to get out the vote with us. You can sign up at to get plugged in to a campaign near you, or check out the opportunities below:

  • Volunteering with the #NoOnProp22 Campaign

    • Click here to sign up for phone banking

    • Click here to sign up for text banking

    • Click here to join us for a Halloween action outside the Coliseum in Oakland on October 31

  • Alameda County
  • Sacramento
    • We have volunteer opportunities for Measure A, C and walks for Mai Vang for City Council.
    • Please email if you would like to participate.
  • San Francisco
    • Click here to sign up for phone banking.
    • We have volunteer walks available for D1, D5, D7, and D11. We will also be coordinating activities with San Francisco Labor Council. 
    • Please email if you would like to participate.
  • Sonoma