SEIU 1021

Get Your SEIU 1021 Virtual Background & Profile Image


Show your solidarity even when you’re telecommuting with this SEIU 1021 virtual background and profile image!

Save these files to your computer, somewhere you will be able to find them later.


  1. Go to preferences (Mac) or Settings (PC)
  2. Find “Background & Effects” or similar
  3. Click on “Virtual Backgrounds”
  4. Click the + in a small box and select “Add Image” — this will open up a file browser
  5. Go to where you saved the files you downloaded from this email, and select the the AlaCo_Zoom_Background.png file to upload it
  6. Check the preview to make sure it looks right
  7. If the text is backwards, unclick “mirror my video”


  1. Sign in to using your work credentials
  2. Go to your Profile page (
  3. Click on little blue “Change” link under your current profile pic
  4. Click on the “Upload” button
  5. Find the AlaCo_Zoom_Profile.png file stored on your computer (downloads? pictures? etc.) then upload it
  6. Drag the selector box around to fit (this should be easy)
  7. Check out the preview in the corner to make sure it looks legit
  8. Then click the “Save” button
  9. Once it’s saved, you’ll see your profile picture reflected on your profile page, but it will also show up:
    • in the zoom address book
    • as you’re joining a meeting, but before your video has kicked in
    • if your video is disabled (i.e. you step away from the computer)
    • if you have no web-cam
    • if you’re on a cell phone with the mobile app and it goes into “driving mode”