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California Values Act Signed into Law

Last week California became a “sanctuary” state, when community groups, labor unions, and human rights activists successfully pushed Gov. Brown into signing SB 54 into law.


Workers Across the Country Tell Congress NO! to the GOP Tax Scheme

Pictured: Head Start Site Director Birdie Winrow, and Head Start staff members, calling Congress to oppose the tax scheme.

The current tax legislation making its way through Congress is picking up more resistance every day. As people find out the details of who benefits, and who will lose out if this passes, they are opposing the legislation strongly.


Richmond Passes $15 Minimum Wage Ordinance

SEIU 1021 members showed up in force at the Richmond City Council meeting on July 11th to advocate passing a $15 minimum wage ordinance. After hearing from our members and other individuals who testified, the Richmond City Council unanimously supported an ordinance to increase the city’s minimum wage.


SEIU Chapter Officers

  • Karla Faucett, President (middle)
  • Mike Beverly, Vice President (right)
  • Cindy Ross, Secretary (left)
  • Gil Patterson, Sergeant-at-Arms (left back)
  • Ramsey Odom, Treasurer (right back)


Our First Stand: Protect Access to Affordable Healthcare

Last week Congress took the first steps to strip Medi-Cal from millions, hike taxes on middle-class families and workers who buy insurance through the federal exchange, and to stick seniors with soaring prescription drug costs. And they voted set up a process to cut protections for patients with pre-existing conditions, contraceptive coverage, allowing children on their parents plan until age 26 and more.


Corruption and Mismanagement at SF Museums Spark Demands by City Workers for Independent Oversight Committee

City Workers and Museum Patrons Call for Action to Stop Abuse and Corruption

Security guards,and admission attendants who are SEIU 1021 members at the Asian Art Museum, de Young Museum and the Legion of Honor, testified on Friday about the rampant abuse and corruption by board members and top executives at the Fine Arts Museum (FAM) and the Corporation of Fine Arts Museums (COFAM). Their testimonies detailed financial mismanagement, lack of transparency, and unsafe working conditions at FAM and COFAM at the Government Audit Oversight Committee.