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Fremont Workers Gear Up for Contract Fight

Our contract with the City expires in just three short months ­— on June 30.

We have already started to elect our SEIU Local 1021 bargaining team in preparation for these negotiations. Despite management’s confusion and some comments to the contrary, we remain one union — Local 1021.

As we move forward with bargaining, it is crucial that we are united in our fight for a fair contract.

“We must take a stand now and show our strength as workers and dedicated members of our community to win a fair contract,” said Susan Byrne Chapter President.


SEIU 1021 is the Only Union Fighting for Fremont Employees

Clarification is needed for a recent “vote” to disaffiliate last week, led by non-elected member Craig D. Conwright.

While it is alarming that one of our members not only bypassed the elected Chapter leadership, but also listened to advice from an Employer who seeks to weaken our position at the bargaining table, SEIU 1021 remains our union. Here are the facts about this “vote”:

FACT: It was not sanctioned by your elected Chapter leadership.


PERB Takes City to Court in Latest Win for Fremont City Workers

After issuing a complaint against the City of Fremont alleging 13 separate unfair labor practices last week, the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) has granted SEIU Local 1021’s request for an emergency injunction.

Now, PERB will take the City of Fremont to Alameda Superior Court to obtain an injunction from the Court which would obligate the city to cease and desist from refusing to recognize and bargain with Local 1021.

(see SEIU Local 1021 v. City of Fremont, Injunctive Relief Request No. 633, Unfair Practice Charge SF-CE-1028-M)


Its Official, Fremont City Workers WIN on Wage Theft Issue

SEIU 1021 WINS for Fremont City Workers

After months of negotiations, legal proceedings and member actions, SEIU 1021 has reached an agreement with City of Fremont administrators over our wage theft issue. On December 12, 2013, effective immediately all bargaining unit members will no longer contribute 5.29% to CalPERS and will receive back pay retroactive to July 1, 2013 — with interest. Fremont employees should receive reimbursement check by Friday, December 20.


City of Chico Contract Ratification Info

The contract is being reviewed by both parties for accuracy and content. It should ready for sunshining to the public at the next regularly scheduled city council meeting in March 2013.