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SEIU 1021 publishes Worker Power to keep our members informed on the fights and fightbacks that impact us.  If you don’t have your copy yet, please contact your field rep, or stop by your closest union hall to pick up a copy.

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1. Harris vs Quinn: Direct Attack on the Labor Movement

SEIU International wrote that this U.S. Supreme Court case threatens quality home care and that it threatens the livelihood of homecare workers.

2. Minimum Wage: Fighting Inequality City by City

President Obama has made the minimum wage a priority, but his efforts were blocked by Republicans, who denied a raise to up to 28 million American.  Thanks to strong pressure from labor, Seattle recently  raised its minimum wage to $15/hr.  The Bay Guardian compared that progress to local efforts.  Of course, a minimum wage will not only help people of color, but also help women.

3. The Record of Jerry Brown: What Workers Lost When King Jerry Won

AlterNet and other publications have publishing reporting by Capitol & Main, including the Rise of the Corporate Democrat, which tracks new anti-labor Democracts in office, and one candidate to join them, Jerry Brown’s top aide Steve Glazer, who is running on a platform of strike-busting.  The same group reported how seniors and the disabled are harmed by the Governor’s attack on IHSS.  The Los Angeles Times reported on the success of the Chamber of Commerce at stopping bills.

4. The Blue-Green Alliance: Brooke Anderson
For good background on the ties between labor and the environmental movement, you can visit their website.

5. Hayward: Gil Hesia Profile
To read more about the fightback in Hayward, please visit our website.

6. Social, Economic, and Environment Justice
Take a moment to let us know about the social justice issues that matter to you most. Take the survey.

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