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Tax Day Mega-Rally & March TUESDAY, APRIL 15!

SF rally for website 2

Working families are being pushed out of San Francisco at record rates.  Those that remain struggle with an ever-higher cost of living.  Mayor  Lee’s San Francisco doesn’t work for a lot of us.

That’s why SEIU 1021 filed a ballot initiative last week raising the minimum wage to $15 for all San Franciscans by 2017. It’s part of our larger platform to tackle economic inequality in the City.  That includes wages, housing, healthcare, and transportation.

It includes fair pay for the city’s own workers – and enough staffing to keep San Franciscans healthy and safe. But economic inequality is the defining issue of our time, and it’s bigger than just one labor contract.

JOIN US TUESDAY, APRIL 15, at 4 PM for a rally outside City Hall. We will then march to Twitter to demand they forgo their $56 million tax break. The City needs the revenue to fund the important community services our members working for the City and County and for city-contracted nonprofits provide, and to fund reasonable wages that keep up with the skyrocketing cost of living in the Bay Area.

Economic inequality is the issue of our times. It is time for City Hall and Mayor Lee to come stand with us in our fight to make San Francisco livable for everyone.


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Notice of SF City-Wide Bargaining Team Elections (Oct. – Dec. 2013)

Dear SF City Wide members:

The current contract between SEIU 1021 Citywide and the City & County of San Francisco expires June 30, 2014. Our first deadline is to complete Bargaining Team elections by Dec. 9.

Nominate yourself or someone you know in your chapter that will represent your values during 2014 bargaining. Download the Election Notice and submit a nomination form.

Nominations must be faxed to Tiya Thlang at (415) 431-6241 or emailed to Tiya.Thlang@seiu1021.org. Nominations must be received by October 25, 5PM.

Download here:  SF City Wide Bargaining Team Election Notice (Oct.-Dec. 2013)

SF City Wide Bargaining Team Election Notice (Oct.-Dec 2013) SF City Wide Bargaining Team Election Notice

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Kaiser is gouging SF residents and employees; Kaiser is probably gouging others, too

Kaiser stop draining SF tax payer dollars!

Kaiser stop draining SF tax payer dollars!

(See event photos here: Kaiser stop draining San Francisco tax payer dollars)

Dear SEIU 1021 members:

SEIU Local 1021 is committed to maintaining both Kaiser and Blue Shield as healthcare options for our members. We are also committed to keeping healthcare affordable for our members and will oppose unwarranted and unjustified rate increases by any healthcare insurance provider.

Our union has taken on the fight for more affordable healthcare.

In San Francisco, we are challenging Kaiser’s rate increase, which would gouge San Francisco for an additional $15 Million — despite the fact that Kaiser patients are healthier and require fewer services. Kaiser has so far refused to justify this rate increase.

From 2010- 2012, Kaiser has charged HSS $87 million more than it actually cost to provide services.  That’s a 13% percent profit margin, far above the Blue Shield two percent profit pledge.  Now, Kaiser demands an additional $15 million dollars for 2014 that they refuse to justify.

While SEIU Local 1021 members and SF residents struggled and made sacrifices to get through the recession, Kaiser banked over $2 billion in profits last year. That’s billions in profits while union members, taxpayers, and residents suffered cuts in wages, benefits, and city services.

We ponder:  If Kaiser and other healthcare insurers are gouging city employees, it is likely they are gouging all of us. In SF, we’re fighting for a solution to runaway health costs for everyone. Transparency is the first step.

Here are two things you can do for a more affordable and transparent Kaiser:

• We need members to come to a full Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, July 23 at 2PM in room 250.

• Call Kaiser CEO Bernard Tyson– 510-271-2659 –to demand that they negotiate in good faith and provide greater transparency in their rate setting, rebate $11 Million to the City for their unjustified rate increase, and withdraw their opposition to Senate Bill 746 that would establish Kaiser transparency.

In unity,

Larry Bradshaw, SEIU 1021 VP of San Francisco, Paramedic at the SF Fire Department and a Kaiser member for over 25 years

Karen Joubert, SEIU 1021 VP of Representation working at Laguna Honda Hospital and a Kaiser member for over 49 years.

PS.  Read more about the unjustified Kaiser rate increase here:

SF Chronicle: Rate increase creates criticism of Kaiser


CBS San Francisco: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2013/07/11/sf-supes-urged-to-refuse-to-kaiser-rate-increase-for-city-workers/

SF Examiner: http://www.sfexaminer.com/sanfrancisco/city-mulling-health-insurance-options-as-kaiser-rates-increase/Content?oid=2507080

SF Chronicle: http://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/S-F-Supes-panel-delays-vote-on-Kaiser-rate-4658217.php

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SEIU 1021 and community supporters halt Kaiser’s $15 million rate increase to San Francisco taxpayers—for now.

Karen Joubert VP

See event photos here: Kaiser stop draining San Francisco tax payer dollars

(SAN FRANCISCO—July 10, 2013) SEIU Local1021 rocked San Francisco City Hall today! A wave of San Francisco nonprofit workers, nurses, healthcare workers, museum guards, custodians, retirees and community allies— testified in favor to stop Kaiser’s unjustified $15 million rate increase allocation to the SF budget.  SEIU 1021 members and allies held signs that urged SF supervisors to stop Kaiser from draining SF taxpayer dollars—and they did!

SF Budget and Finance Committee Supervisors Eric Mar and John Avalos voted 2 to 1 to send Kaiser’s $15 million rate increase back to the Health Services System (HSS) Board for further consideration. Committee Chair Mark Farrell, a member of the HSS Board, was the only vote to recommend the rate increase to the full Board of Supervisors for approval.

HSS board has one week to reevaluate Kaiser’s rate increase.

For months, the HSS Board asked Kaiser for data to justify a 5.25% increase in the 2014 premium. Kaiser refused.

While Kaiser thrives under the cover of “proprietary” — reporting annual profits of $2 billion since 2009 — SF had to cut back on vital services in a recession caused by corporate greed. SEIU 1021 members and other workers had to give up wage increases and are paying more and more for benefits.

“Enough is enough.  Kaiser’s failure to report and refusal to negotiate are egregious and negatively impact all SEIU members, other workers, City taxpayers, and the City budget, said Karen Joubert,” SEIU Local 1021 VP of Representation and Laguna Honda Hospital Employee.

Public Flyer_Kaiser Draining SF Tax Payer Dollars 

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Local 1021 members fight cuts to safety net services

UnknownMore than 200 San Francisco city, nonprofit workers and their clients took over the steps of San Francisco City Hall on Tuesday to fight against cuts to safety net services that include homelessness prevention, HIV/AIDS health services and mental health services.

There are 50 nonprofits that are being threatened with closures or severe underfunding that would leave thousands of San Francisco residents without the critical health care they need. While the city controller says there is a $96 million surplus, the Department of Public Health is proposing cuts to its budget that would result in a $25 million loss in nonprofit services for the city’s most vulnerable, low-income and disenfranchised residents.

About a dozen speakers from members of the Board of Supervisors to union and nonprofit leaders spoke, including Local 1021 member leader Karen Joubert, San Francisco Labor Council Executive Director Tim Paulson and Irma Nunez from the Coalition on Homeless.

“This year, we have a surplus. The choices we have as a city about how we balance our budget is vastly different than in the past,” said Supervisor John Avalos. “The city has more money to move around, and we shouldn’t be cutting these vital services that people are depending on.”

Unknown-2The low-income elderly, the developmentally disabled, HIV/AIDS patients as well as children and families depend on these 49 nonprofits — in danger of losing some or all funding — to provide them with health and social service programs.

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions go into effect, safety net service providers will play an even larger role to the increasing number of patients who need preventative care. Yet the city is undercutting the goals of the ACA by underfunding or cutting funds completely from these programs.

These nonprofit programs and services proposed for cuts actually strengthen the safety net to help prevent the chronically ill from returning to Emergency Rooms, costing the community more money, and creating a wider service gap for the rich and poor.

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SEIU Local 1021 Pay Equity fight gaining momentum across Northern California

Local 1021 Pay Equity campaign reaches front page of the San Francisco Examiner

Local 1021 Pay Equity campaign reaches front page of the San Francisco Examiner

Hard-working women of SEIU Local 1021 slapped on fake mustaches and gathered at San Francisco City Hall to protest Mayor Ed Lee’s gender equity challenge to the private businesses.

Many Local 1021 members believe it’s a double standard for Mayor Ed Lee to challenge private business on workplace equality when city officials were planning to cut the wages of job positions filled by women people of color while leaving the pay of many workers in classes held predominantly by white and male workers untouched.

The wage cuts impact licensed vocational nurses, eligibility workers, child support workers and many more.

“I hope Mayor Lee leads by example,” said Brenda Barros, who works at San Francisco General Hospital. “The same behavior he’s complaining about in the private industry, it’s happening in the public sector.”

San Francisco has been a leader in pay equity dating back to the 1980’s when female workers’ salaries were brought in line with their male counterparts. Now the city officials want to reverse history.

Click here to read Local 1021 Pay Equity story in the San Francisco Examiner

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JCC ratifies contract with wage and benefit improvements

SEIU Local 1021 members working for the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of San Francisco ratified a new contract this week that includes substantial wage increases and improvements in health care.

Under the agreement, JCC workers will receive nearly 10 percent wage increases over three years and the employer will increase its contribution to dependent healthcare.
JCC represents approximately 150 non-management and non-custodial staff working more than 20 hours per week. About half of the unit is made up of teachers working for the organization’s many preschool and after-school programs.
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Join Us at the Pay Equity Press Conference on National Equal Pay Day for Women

Pay Equity Press Conference

On April 9, National Equal Pay Day, we will join working women for a noon Press Conference to demand equal pay for women on San Francisco City Hall Steps. Across America, wages women earn are lagging behind men. In recent studies, women earn 75 cents to a man’s dollar. While other metropolitan cities are adopting equal pay laws, San Francisco is going in reverse.

After two decades of Pay Equity gains, SF City Administrators insist on cutting the wages of too many classifications historically occupied by women and people of color, while leaving the pay of many workers in classes held predominantly by white and male workers untouched. Join US at our press conference and lend your voice for Equal Pay For Equal Work for women and people of color.

WHAT: Pay Equity Press Conference on National Equal Pay Day for Women
WHEN: Tuesday, April 9, 2013
WHERE: San Francisco City Hall Steps, Polk Street Entrance
TIME: 12 PM -1 PM

For more information contact the Member Resource Center: 1 (877) 415-1021.

Download the press conference flyer

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Bay Area Women Leaders: Too Many Women Are Falling Behind in Pay

Women in leadership and hundreds of Pay Equity supporters gather to recognize April 9 — National Equal Pay Day

(SAN FRANCISCO)—April 9—Women leaders in business, labor, community, government and hundreds of Equal Pay supporters will come together at a press conference and rally on National Equal Pay Day – to say that wages women earn need to stop lagging behind what men earn— on Tuesday, April 9 at 12PM. Today, SEIU Local 1021 and Supervisor Malia Cohen released the following video recognizing National Equal Pay Day and will be viewed during Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting. See video here: http://tinyurl.com/ce8vvqt

During the press conference on the San Francisco City Hall steps, District 10 Supervisor Cohen and other Supervisors will announce a resolution that will be voted on at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors to declare April 9th, Equal Pay Day in San Francisco.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women are still paid only 77 cents for every dollar a man is paid. The pay gap widens for working Latinas earning 54 cents and African-American women earning 66 cents to a man’s dollar.

While the City’s elected leaders to President Obama recommit to closing the pay gap between men and women on National Equal Pay Day, San Francisco Human Resources Department Administrators announced to cut wages in 16 job classifications predominantly held by women and people of color, while leaving the pay of many workers in classes held predominantly by white and male workers untouched.

City workers in 16 classifications—from legal secretaries and pay roll clerks to licensed vocational nurses, eligibility workers and child support workers are being targeted for a wage cut.

“If wages women earn are already lagging behind, cutting their wages will only worsen the pay gap we are trying so hard to close,” said President of SEIU local 1021 Roxanne Sanchez.

Roxanne Sanchez, SEIU Local 1021 President
Laura Hahn, San Francisco Women’s Political Committee President
Hyeon-Ju Rho. Executive Director of the Asian Law Caucus
Malia Cohen, D10 District Supervisor
And hundreds of Equal Pay Advocates and SEIU Local 1021 members

Tuesday, April 9, 2013, 12 PM

San Francisco City Hall Steps

Press Conference and Rally recognizing National Equal Pay Day and protesting proposed City wage cuts that hurt women and people of color

SEIU 1021 represents over 13,000 employees in the City and County of San Francisco. SEIU Local 1021 represents 56,000 employees in local governments and non-profit agencies, health care programs, schools, and social welfare occupations throughout northern California.

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March 20, 2013 – SF Talk Back, Fight Back

March 20 2013-TalkBack Fight Back

Following a series of powerful and well publicized actions, the SEIU Local 1021 San Francisco Citywide Bargaining Team met on Friday, March 8 to strategize and plan for the mediation and arbitration process . The Bargaining Team overwhelmingly decided our top two priorities:

1. To protect Pay Equity and fight to not roll back years of civil rights wins for women and people of color.

2. No two-tier wages for future employees working side by side and doing similar work

Two Days of Mediation & Arbitration

On Monday, March 11, City Administrators and our Bargaining Team met to present their cases to the independent mediator/arbitrator. It was clear to our Bargaining Team that City Administrators insist to cut the wages of 45 classifications. The union remained steadfast in our decision to defend Pay Equity and prevent a two-tier wage system. We also presented our proposals to adjust the wages of 12 classifications that are severely under paid. Our Bargaining Team strongly objected to rushing through the mediation process in one day because it would be insufficient time to adequately present our evidence. Our Bargaining Team asked the arbitrator for another day of mediation. The arbitrator agreed.

On Wednesday, March 13, our Bargaining Team advanced many creative proposals, but failed to reach an agreement. The City refuses to acknowledge that their proposal to cut wages to 45 classifications will reverse years of Pay Equity and civil rights gains for women and minorities in San Francisco.

Next Steps: We Are Not Done Fighting
The independent mediator/arbitrator will review the evidence and make a decision both parties must accept. The City and our Bargaining Team must now submit all of our evidence including our “Last, Best, and Final” offer to the arbitrator by March 26 and written briefs due April 8. The arbitrator must come to a decision by May 1st. We are not done fighting. Our Bargaining Team and SEIU 1021 COPE will be meeting in the next couple of weeks to strategize how to fight back, including considering a Pay Equity ballot measure in the San Francisco Charter– civil rights should never be left in the hands of bureaucrats.

Come to the next COPE meeting to discuss the Pay Equity ballot measure on April 4 at 5: 30 PM at the SEIU 1021 Union Hall, 350 Rhode Island South Suite 100 in San Francisco.

Download the March 20th edition of Talk Back, Fight Back

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