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Through our Member Organizing Program, the Reserve Organizing Corps (ROC), SEIU 1021 active and retired members receive intensive training on how to engage, motivate and mobilize workers. Through the ROC, Member Organizers are prepared and deployed on local and statewide campaigns to support working people that want to form or strengthen unions.

ROC Member Organizers Gain:
• In-depth trainings on how to organize worksites and influence workers to use their skills and knowledge to lift working families by building powerful unions.
• First-hand experience on local, regional, and statewide campaigns that engage and activate members.

ROC Members Organizers:
• Share experiences from the perspective of unionized workers to help inform and strengthen other Union members and chapters.
• Work with communities across California to change the systems that negatively impact working people.
• Share information and knowledge with workers who want to improve their working conditions by forming a Union.


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