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Education Industry Meeting


Education Industry Meeting – Saturday, October 14th -CANCELLED!-
It is regretful that the Education Council meeting for this Saturday, October 14th is being cancelled due to the fires. With road closures, air quality and evacuations it was felt that this is in the best interest of our members.
Please watch for upcoming meeting notices,
Thank you for your understanding,

Education Industry Council Meeting

Next Date: TBA

Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Place: 2300 Boynton Ave., Fairfield, CA


Please RSVP to:  Please RSVP to the MRC @ 1-877-687-1021 or

RSVP using the Schools Industry Meeting page by Noon on the Monday before the meeting so we have materials and food for all.

MEMBER REQUEST: Due to some of our members having allergies to perfumes, scented soaps, etc. we ask that you please refrain from wearing perfumes to the meetings. It has also been requested that the only animals allowed at meetings be service animals due to animal dander allergies.

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SEIU Chapter Officers

seiu1021scusd  chapter officers

  • Karla Faucett, President (middle)
  • Mike Beverly, Vice President (right)
  • Cindy Ross, Secretary (left)
  • Gil Patterson, Sergeant-at-Arms (left back)
  • Ramsey Odom, Treasurer (right back)
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End of School Year Event 2016/2017

seiu1021scusd 2016/2017 event 08seiu1021scusd 2016/2017 event 07 seiu1021scusd 2016/2017 event 06 seiu1021scusd 2016/2017 event 05 seiu1021scusd 2016/2017 eventv 04 seiu1021scusd 2016/2017 event 03 seiu1021scusd 2016/2017 event 02 seiu1021scusd 2016/2017 event 01

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Bargaining Update

Bargaining update 9-11-2017

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We Filed a Petition for Card Check Recognition at Santa Rosa Junior College


We are one step closer to joining our Santa Rosa Junior College coworkers united in SEIU 1021

On Wednesday, May 17, we filed a petition for card check recognition with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). PERB is the state agency that verifies whether workers want to form a union.

Card check is the process by which workers can sign authorization “cards” to show they want to be part of a union, and card check recognition is when PERB verifies and counts the cards.

With SEIU 1021, STNC (Short Time Non-Continuing) workers can have a greater voice on the job; we can secure benefits, better working conditions, and greater job security.

“STNC workers at SRJC deserve the protection of union representation. We are stronger together. Just like SEIU fights to protect the classified workers here on campus, I believe that SEIU will fight to improve conditions for the STNC community,” says Ian Maurer, a Santa Rosa Junior College STNC.

Ian has been a member of the SRJC community for most of the past 18 years. He first enrolled in classes in 1999, and began working as a Student Employee on campus in 2004. Since then he’s also worked as an Intern, Professional Expert, independent contractor, and as an STNC. He’s held over twenty positions with four departments, and now regularly receives approval to exceed the 25 hour weekly cap placed on STNCs.

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Defend Education, Stop Betsy Devos

Billionaire Betsy DeVos has no experience teaching, has never even attended public school, or sent her children there. She’s also made a career of taking taxpayer dollars away from public schools to fund private and religious schools.

Betsy DeVos is out of touch with issues that working families are facing, yet she’s been nominated to be our nation’s Secretary of Education.

Watch this video to learn more about Betsy Devos’ record of destroying and defunding the Michigan public school system.

Sign the petition to stop Betsy Devos

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You are invited to join the SEIU 1021 Education Council


SCHOOLS LETTER- YOU ARE INVITED FRONT BACK v final vTo Print vedited movement for web Schools Letter - Inside vfinal v to for webSCHOOLS LETTER- YOU ARE INVITED FRONT BACK v final vBACK for the web

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Bargaining Updates: Tentative Agreement(s) Reached!

SEIU Tentative Agreement 081116(1)


Bargaining Update 080416

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About The Education Industry Council

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The Education Industry Council was formed in 1997 before 10 Locals merged to form SEIU Local 1021.  The Education Council represents all SEIU 1021 members that work in PreK-12 schools, County Offices of Education and Community Colleges.

The Education Council’s purpose is to increase member participation and develop strategies and campaigns to make members and the public aware of common issues that affect all Education workers.  The Education Council is also responsible to monitor the California State Budget and to educate members, the public and legislatures the needs of increased funding for Education.

Since the merger, the Education Council has focused on ensuring member voices and opinions concerning 1021 policies and contract campaigns are heard and taken into consideration by the 1021 Executive Board, SEIU State Council, and SEIU International.

The Education Council is also the place where we can come together on model contract language and share ideas and information as we prepare to bargain our contracts.  Not only can we share information, but our Education Council staff is available to provide training on everything from basic union stewardship to how to bargain a contract.

The Education Council will work with Schools Industry delegates, members and SEIU 1021 staff to develop strategies to fight all attacks on educational funding, public employee pensions and other benefits.

The Education Council will focus on the implementation of the two year plan that was approved at the SEIU Local 1021 Convention in February 2012.   We will organize ourselves to win public support for good union jobs and services, fix our broken economy and grow stronger. Prop 30 and 32 are two victories worth celebrating, and all the sweeter because our members played such a strong role in making them happen.

We must begin our work in earnest if we are to gain the slightest lead over management as they continue to find ways to overwork and underpay our members; all this while we ask more of them in the form of advocacy at worksites, involvement in committees and projects, and supporting local and state ballot measures.

We are asking every Chapter to participate in our Education Council. All members are welcome to attend the meeting. The Education Industry delegates are committed to provide you with all the tools necessary to prepare you for tough fights.

The Education Council generally meets Quarterly on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. – The locations may vary between Fairfield, Sacramento and Oakland.  Check out our website at and click on “calendar” for confirmation or call the MRC at 1-877-687-1021.

For more information about the next Education Council meeting, please email your Field Representative or call our Member Resource Center at 1-877-687-1021.  The Education Council looks forward to seeing you at one of our meetings.  Lunch is provided, so please RSVP by using the events calendar at or 1-877-687-1021 if  you are planning to attend!books

In Solidarity,

Karla Faucett, Chair (Karla.Faucett@SEIU1021.ORG)

Jan Schardt, Co-Chair (Jan.Schardt@SEIU1021.ORG)

Education Council represents members from the following School Districts (PreK-12, Colleges and County of Ed):  Sacramento City Unified School District, Oakland Unified School District, San Francisco Unified School District, San Lorenzo Unified School District, Hayward Unified School District, Fremont Unified School District, Albany Unified School District, Acalanes Union High School District, San Ramon Valley Unified School District, Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District, Vacaville Unified School District, Geyserville Unified School District, Cotati Rohnert-Park District, Dixon Unified School District, SF Community College District, Peralta College District, Chabot/Las Positas College District, Santa Rosa Junior College District, Los Rios College District, Ohlone College District, College of Marin,  Mendocino College District, Napa Valley College District, Sonoma County of Education, Napa County of Education.


Nely Obligacion, Nely.Obligacion@SEIU1021.ORG
Regional Field Director, Education Industry Council,

Kaden Kratzer, Kaden.Kratzer@SEIU1021.ORG

Field Representative

Ronda Goldsby, Ronda.Goldsby@SEIU1021.ORG

Field Representative

Angela Thomas, Angela.Thomas@SEIU1021.ORG

Field Representative

Greg Cross,

Field Representative

Daz Lamparas, Daz.Lamparas@SEIU1021.ORG

Field Representative

Maria Peluso, Maria.Peluso@SEIU1021.ORG

Field Representative

Ian ArnoldIan.Arnold@SEIU1021.ORG

Field Representative

John Shaban, John.Shaban@SEIU1021.ORG

Field Representative

Nathan Hansford, Nathan.Hansford@SEIU1021.ORG

Field Representative

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