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Education Industry Summit Event: April 11th, 2015

ed summit get on board flyer 2015

RSVP on line or by calling the MRC at 1-877-687-1021.


Please join us at the next Education Industry Summit to be held on

DATE: Saturday, April 11, 2015
TIME: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
LOCATION: Sacramento Unified School District, Admin Office -

5735 47th ave., Sacramento ca 95824

RSVP on line at:

or by calling the MRC at 1-877-687-1021.


Join members from school districts, community colleges, and higher education institutions

for a day of learning, strategizing, and leadership development

The morning breakouts will be: 
* Leadership Ladders for Worker Empowerment
* Building Powerful Relationships wtih One on Ones
* Creating Change through Power Analysis

The afternoon breakouts will be:
* Running Effective Meetings
* Organizing Your Members 
* Why Politics Matter

Lunch will be provided.



Link to EC summit


Please RSVP  at:    

or by calling the Member Resource Center at 1-877-687-1021



Buses will be available at the following locations:

Buses will depart from:
San Francisco at 7:30am
Oakland at 8:00am
Fairfield at 8:30am

Bus Reservations: You MUST CALL the Member Resource Center at 1-877-687-1021 to reserve your seat!!!


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Education Council Meeting: May 9th, 2015

Hayward Street Fair 2013


Our next Education Council  meeting will be May 9th from 10am – 2pm. This meeting will be held at the Fairfield Union Hall

You can RSVP on the SEIU 1021 events page online at:

Questions- contact either Karla Faucett at or Jan Schardt

Hope to see you there!,
Jan Schardt
Education Industry Council Co-Chair 
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San Lorenzo Unified School District “Contract Ratification Vote”


San Lorenzo Unified School District Chapter

Contract Ratification Vote  Results


Chapter VOTE = 98% YES



Who: ALL SEIU Local 1021 Members at San Lorenzo USD

(Maintenance, Warehouse, Security, Grounds, Transportation, Child Nutrition, Lunch Period Supervisors (LPS))

What: Come cast your vote on our Tentative Agreement with the District

When: Friday, December 5th, 11:30am-12:30pm OR 2:30pm-4:30pm

Where: Puerto Bello Restaurant 14680 Washington Ave, San Leandro

Why: Come vote on the LPS Article for our Contract (LPS ONLY), and vote on our proposed raise and medical increase!

Please RSVP

on line at:

 Thank you,

Doug Marr

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Welcome to The Education Council

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SFUSD CBA July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2016

SFUSD CBA 070113-063016

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NVC-ACP Chapter Bylaws

Hayward Street Fair 20132013 Revised Bylaws for Napa Valley College Association of Classified Professionals

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Hayward Workers Will Announce a Challenge to City Officials, City Manager and Mayor at City Hall at 8 AM


HAYWARD — After seven long months of the city’s delay tactics at the bargaining table, city workers continued to be ignored by city officials even as Hayward employees and their allies held picket lines throughout the city on Tuesday.

That’s why today — the second day of a three-day strike — workers will step up efforts to get a response from the city. Workers will call on city officials, including Mayor Michael Sweeney, to do the right thing.

“This is not just about Hayward workers. We are all trying to hold together working and middle class jobs but are subject to unreasonable demands by our employers,” said Linda Reid, Hayward Chapter President of SEIU 1021. “Imagine being told that you would lose 17% of your wages, without it ever being seriously discussed. Wouldn’t you fight to keep it?”

The City of Hayward has refused to bargain with its workers, who have already given back more than $7 million – or 12% of their wages — since 2010. This year they are demanding another 5%.

SEIU’s Hayward chapter represents more than 350 city workers, from librarian assistants, water sanitation and water treatment workers, street maintenance and road crews, crime scene technicians, 911 dispatchers and administrative staff.

Press availability for Tuesday. Aug. 13, 2013

·  8 AM – City Hall, 777 B. Street, Hayward. Announcement, Call to Action to Mayor, City Officials. Picket lines are held.

· 12 NOON — City Hall, 777 B Street. Press availability, picket lines and labor rally.

·  5 PM — City Hall, 777 B Street. Press availability, picket lines and labor rally.

Media contact: Anna Bakalis,, 510-387-5341

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SEIU 1021 Strikes Back … Without Going On Strike

With BART and the cities of Oakland and now Hayward going on strikes this summer, Local 1021 has been making national headlines by taking a stand against the politics of austerity that are destroying our communities to enrich a few. What has not made the news — until this story — are the many contracts our members settled without a strike (although some came close). Large or small, pretty much all of them passed under the media radar, but they’re notable for a reason: Unlike the concessionary contracts that filled these pages a couple years ago, members are winning good contracts in the upswing economy, with ends to furloughs and long-delayed cost-of-living adjustments.

City of Fairfield

The Fairfield chapter ratified 3–1 a two-year no-concessions contract that puts an end to more than three years of furloughs. In addition, the City picks up all health premium increases for the term of the contract and will provide training pay.

Blood Centers of the Pacific

The contract contains significant pay increases and salary range adjustments, including a 4 percent raise over the three years of the agreement. Other merit and equity adjustments range from one to 10 percent. Educational Assistance doubles to $5,000 per year, and members can reopen the contract to discuss health and dental options without reopening the entire contract.

Asian Health Services

Members get five percent over two years plus a three percent flexible spending account folded into their base salary. They also get step increases back, plus an additional floating holiday.

City of Oakland

Oakland workers got management back to the table after a one-day strike and left with a no-concessions contract and three percent in COLAs over the two-year term. They also got a variety of allowances and reimbursements and several non-economic benefits.

San Joaquin County

This was the largest contract we’ve settled lately, but only after coming to the brink of a countywide shutdown. Members won a four percent COLA over three years and the end of furlough days. Part-time medical benefits will continue for those working 25 hours/week. The contract also creates an ongoing health care committee and a part-time committee to develop a path to full employment for current part-time workers.

City of Berkeley, CSU Chapter

The bargaining team fended off takeaways, including a 30 percent employee health care contribution, and got a wage reopener next year.

City of San Ramon

Members opted to take an increased pension contribution (per PEPRA regulations) to install a merit pay system which, if the last performance evaluations are a guide, should result in an average raise of 3.75 percent per year.

Hayward Area Park and Recreation District (HARD)

Part-timers unanimously ratified a no-concessions that provides a nine percent COLA over two years and vacation accruals up to five years instead of the previous two.

San Francisco Unified School District

Workers won a 2.5 percent wage increase for the first year and reopeners in years two and three. Also a 75/25 split on medical (a big improvement), a 10 cents/hour longevity increase, and an increase in uniform allowance.

City of Sutter Creek

Members in this small Sierra foothills city signed a one-year contract with a five percent step increase added to each classification (current employees get an additional five percent if at the top of a step).

River Pines Utility District

The one-year contract includes a $3/hour pay increase and a wage and retirement reopener in January, as well as premium pay for being on call for 24 hours during the week.

Cities of Sebastopol, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa (Police Techs)

Sebastopol workers won two percent plus an increase in hours during their wage reopener. Santa Rosa’s police techs and the employees of Rohnert Park both secured one-year contracts with no concessions and an end to furloughs amounting to a six percent pay increase.


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Education Industry Council Summer Event – TBD


RSVP on line or by calling the MRC at 1-877-687-1021.

The SEIU 1021 – Education Industry Council Summer Event 

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

  • Family/Coworkers
  • Sunscreen
  • Blankets
  • Lawn chairs

Please share with other SEIU 1021 Education members.

RSVP on line or by calling the MRC at 1-877-687-1021.

Thank you,
Karla Faucett
Education Industry Chair

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About The Education Industry Council

- EC HomeAboutCalendarReports - Facebook - Twitter -

The Education Industry Council was formed in 1997 before 10 Locals merged to form SEIU Local 1021.  The Education Council represents all SEIU 1021 members that work in PreK-12 schools, County Offices of Education and Community Colleges.

The Education Council’s purpose is to increase member participation and develop strategies and campaigns to make members and the public aware of common issues that affect all Education workers.  The Education Council is also responsible to monitor the California State Budget and to educate members, the public and legislatures the needs of increased funding for Education.

Since the merger, the Education Council has focused on ensuring member voices and opinions concerning 1021 policies and contract campaigns are heard and taken into consideration by the 1021 Executive Board, SEIU State Council, and SEIU International.

The Education Council is also the place where we can come together on model contract language and share ideas and information as we prepare to bargain our contracts.  Not only can we share information, but our Education Council staff is available to provide training on everything from basic union stewardship to how to bargain a contract.

The Education Council will work with Schools Industry delegates, members and SEIU 1021 staff to develop strategies to fight all attacks on educational funding, public employee pensions and other benefits.

The Education Council will focus on the implementation of the two year plan that was approved at the SEIU Local 1021 Convention in February 2012.   We will organize ourselves to win public support for good union jobs and services, fix our broken economy and grow stronger. Prop 30 and 32 are two victories worth celebrating, and all the sweeter because our members played such a strong role in making them happen.

We must begin our work in earnest if we are to gain the slightest lead over management as they continue to find ways to overwork and underpay our members; all this while we ask more of them in the form of advocacy at worksites, involvement in committees and projects, and supporting local and state ballot measures.

We are asking every Chapter to participate in our Education Council. All members are welcome to attend the meeting. The Education Industry delegates are committed to provide you with all the tools necessary to prepare you for tough fights.

The Education Council generally meets every 2nd Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. – The locations may vary between Fairfield, Sacramento and Oakland.  Check out our website at and click on “calendar” for confirmation or call the MRC at 1-877-687-1021.

For more information about the next Education Council meeting, please email your Field Representative or call our Member Resource Center at 1-877-687-1021.  The Education Council looks forward to seeing you at one of our meetings.  Lunch is provided, so please RSVP by using the events calendar at or 1-877-687-1021 if  you are planning to attend!books

In Solidarity,

Karla Faucett, Chair (Karla.Faucett@SEIU1021.ORG)

Jan Schardt, Co-Chair (Jan.Schardt@SEIU1021.ORG)

Mary Jane Logan, Secretary/Treasurer

Education Council represents members from the following School Districts (PreK-12, Colleges and County of Ed):  Sacramento City Unified School District, Oakland Unified School District, San Francisco Unified School District, San Lorenzo Unified School District, Hayward Unified School District, Fremont Unified School District, Albany Unified School District, Acalanes Union High School District, San Ramon Valley Unified School District, Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District, Vacaville Unified School District, Geyserville Unified School District, Cotati Rohnert-Park District, Dixon Unified School District, San Francisco City College District, Peralta College District, Chabot/Las Positas College District, Santa Rosa Junior College District, Los Rios College District, Ohlone College District, College of Marin,  Mendocino College District, Napa Valley College District, Sonoma County of Education, Napa County of Education.


Nely Obligacion, Nely.Obligacion@SEIU1021.ORG
Regional Field Director, Education Industry Council,

Kaden Kratzer, Kaden.Kratzer@SEIU1021.ORG  Field Representative (Chabot/Las Positas College District, Hayward Unified School District, Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District)

Ronda Goldsby, Ronda.Goldsby@SEIU1021.ORG Field Representative (Oakland Unified School District)

Angela Thomas, Angela.Thomas@SEIU1021.ORG Field Representative (San Francisco City College District, Acalanes Union High School District and Albany Unified School District)

Matt Lanza, Matt.Lanza@SEIU1021.ORG Field Representative (San Lorenzo Unified School District, San Ramon Valley Unified School District, Peralta College District and Ohlone College District)

Daz Lamparas, Daz.Lamparas@SEIU1021.ORG Field Representative (San Francisco Unified School District and College of Marin)

Maria Peluso, Maria.Peluso@SEIU1021.ORG  Field Representative (Santa Rosa Junior College District, Sonoma County of Education, Geyserville Unified School District, Mendocino College, Cotati Rohnert-Park District)

Ian Arnold, Ian.Arnold@SEIU1021.ORG Field Representative (Sacramento City Unified School District)

John Shaban, John.Shaban@SEIU1021.ORG  Field Representative (Napa County of Education, Napa Valley College District, Vacaville Unified School District and Dixon Unified School District and Los Rios College District)

Nathan Hansford, Nathan.Hansford@SEIU1021.ORG Field Representative (Special Assignment)

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