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Healthcare Workers Make Public Plea to Stop the Deportation of Highland Hospital Nurse Maria Mendoza Sanchez


Alameda Health System Workers, Community Groups and Leaders Gather In Support of Maria Mendoza Sanchez and her Family

On Monday, August 14th, Highland Hospital nurse Maria Mendoza Sanchez was joined by fellow healthcare workers and more than 300 community allies to make a public demand to stop Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from moving forward with her deportation.

For over a decade, Maria and her family have been fighting to receive asylum and to be granted the right to live permanently in the U.S. Because of our broken immigration system, Maria and her family are now being torn apart. In May ICE informed her that she, her husband, and one of her children are to be deported.

“ICE priorities are misguided. We are facing a severe nursing shortage here in Alameda County, and Maria is a dedicated nurse who cares for cancer patients,” said John Pearson a fellow nurse at Highland Hospital and SEIU 1021 Alameda Health System Chapter President. “It’s shameful that ICE is ripping her away from her family, her home, and the patients who need her.”

“ICE is terrorizing our communities by tearing families apart,” said SEIU 1021 East Bay Vice President Gary Jimenez. “They’re targeting our co-workers and our neighbors. We need to end our nation’s enforcement-only approach and start upholding our values as a country.”

Maria is a dedicated and talented nurse whose patients and family need her. Please consider showing your support to Maria and her family during this difficult time via her GoFundMe page.

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AHS 2017 Bargaining Updates and Flyers

AHS Bargaining Team election results

CAT recruitment flyer

San Leandro Hospital Bargaining Update 12-8-16

CAT recruitment flyer 2

General Unit Bargaining Team members

General Unit and RN Unit Bargaining Update 12-29-16

San Leandro Hospital Bargaining Update 1-3-17

AHS Bargaining Update 1-13-17

AHS Bargaining Update 1-20-17

AHS Bargaining Update 1-25-17

AHS Bargaining Update 2-10-17

AHS Bargaining Update 2-16-17

AHS Bargaining Update 3-3-17

AHS Bargaining Update – 3-3-17

AHS Bargaining Update – 3-17-17

AHS Bargaining Update – 3-24-17

AHS Bargaining Update – 4-7-17

AHS Bargaining Update – 4-21-17

AHS Bargaining Update – 4-28-17

AHS Bargaining Update – 5-5-17

AHS Bargaining Update – 5-5-17

AHS Bargaining Update – 5-19-17

AHS BargainingUpdate – 6-2-17

AHS Bargaining Update-6-30-17

AHS Bargaining Update – 7-10-17

AHS Bargaining Update-7-17-17

AHS Bargaining Update – 7-25-17

AHS Bargaining Update-7-28-17

AHS Town Hall Meetings – 8-3-17

AHS Bargaining Update-8-7-17

AHS Bargaining Update-8-21-17

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AHS Workers Fight for Safer Conditions

AHS Unity BreakOn Thursday, April 13th, Alameda Health System workers came together at AHS sites throughout the county to fight for patient and worker safety. The workers, who took a “Unity Break” together at 10:21 am demanded that AHS management negotiate a fair contract that addresses patient and worker safety.

Last year alone, 293 Alameda Health System workers were injured on the job. The AHS SEIU 1021 members stressed that it is time for AHS Management to prioritize safety for workers and patients. Environmental Service and Support Service workers, Medical Clerks, RNs CNAs and others spoke about safety issues at their sites showing that when workers aren’t safe, patients aren’t safe. Workers relayed that they will keep fighting until they have a fair contract that they feel will create safer conditions for both workers and patients.

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Notice of Election for AHS Chapter Board RN, General Unit, San Leandro

STARTING ON March 17, 2017:

  1. Procedure for nominations:

Members can submit nomination forms to Kimberly Townsend via fax to (510) 451-6928, by email to, or dropping by it off to SEIU Local 1021 at 100 Oak Street, Oakland. Forms can also be submitted at membership meetings on campus. Once the nomination period ends, on April 17, 2017and candidates are confirmed, an election will be scheduled.

Download a copy of the nomination form

Schedule for General Membership Meetings:

  • Monday, April 10, 2017 San Leandro Hospital (Side of ED Center) 7a-8:30a, 11a-1p, 3p-5p.
  • Tuesday, April 11, 2017, John George, (Conference Room 124), 8:30a-9:30a, 11a-1p, 3p-5p,
  • Tuesday, April 11, 2017, Highland, 11a-1p (HCP Conference Room B),
  • Wednesday, April 12, 2017, Fairmont, 7a-8:30a (Guest Dining Rm); 11a-1p (Guest Dining Rm); 3p-5p (Guest Dining Rm),
  • Thursday, April 13, 2017, Highland, 7:30a-8:30a(HCP Conference Rm C), 3p-5p
    (HCP Cafeteria),
  • Friday, April 14, 2017, Eastmont, Winton and Newark Clinics: 11a-1p (Break Rooms)

Nomination forms can be download from , picked up at SEIU Local 1021 at 100 Oak Street, Oakland, or contact your local steward or field rep.

  1. Deadline for nominations: April 17, 2017
  1. In order to run for election, nominees must be SEIU Local 1021 members in good standing (dues paid and signed a membership form). Call MRC 877.687.1021 to check membership status.
  1. Method of election: date, time, and place of voting: All elections must be conducted by secret ballot, no mail in ballot will be sent. Proxy voting is prohibited by the SEIU and Local 1021 Constitution and Bylaws. 
  • VOTING BEGINS May 21, 2017 and ends on May 25, 2017 at 8:30am
  • Vote Count: May 25 & May 26, 2017 at 9:00am.
    SEIU Local 1021 Union office at 100 Oak Street, Oakland CA; Willie Gholar Conference Room

OBSERVERS ARE ENCOURAGED AND WELCOME AT ALL POLLING LOCATIONS AND AT THE VOTE COUNT. You must be a member of SEIU Local 1021 employed at AHS in order to vote.


  1. Challenges:

Challenges to or disputes arising from the chapter elections must be submitted in writing to the committee within three (3) working days of the submission of the committee’s written election report. The committee shall respond within five (5) working days of the receipt of the challenge. Challenges or disputes which are denied or cannot be resolved by the Chapter Election Committee may be appealed in writing to the Local 1021 Chapter Executive Board within five (5) working days of receipt of the Chapter Election Committee’s decision. The Local 1021 Chapter Executive Board shall investigate and respond within fifteen (15) working days of receipt of the challenge. Challenges to the election will be considered valid only if they cite specific violations of the Chapter election rules and procedures, Chapter bylaws, or the Local 1021 Constitution and if the alleged violation may have affected the outcome of the election.

  1. Eligibility:

In order to run for and serve in a Chapter office, all persons shall be members in good standing (not affiliates or fee payers), must be a member for one year prior to the election, and employed within the bargaining unit(s) (including members working out of class) represented by the Chapter. Only members in good standing may participate in the election. Candidates may only run for one (1) office.

Voting Schedule

Worksite Ballot Box Location Dates & Times
Fairmont Hospital Cafeteria

5/23: 0700-0830, 1100-1300, 1400-1730

5/24: 0700-0830, 1100-1300, 1400-1730;
5/25: 0730-0830

John George
Psychiatric Pavilion
Lunch break room 5/21, 5/22: 0830-0930, 1100-1300,
1500-17005/23, 5/24: 0800-1000, 1100-1500, 1600-20005/25: 0730-830
Highland Hospital ER Lobby

5/21, 5/22, 5/23: 0730-0830, 1500-1700

5/24: 1100-1300, 1900-2000

Highland Hospital Cafeteria

5/21, 5/22, 5/23: 1100-1300

5/25: 0730-0830

Highland Hospital 4th Floor ACT Hallway by visitor desk 5/21, 5/22, 5/23: 0730-0830, 1500-1700, 1900-2000
San Leandro Hospital Cafeteria

5/24: 0700-0830, 1100-1300, 1400-1730

5/25: 0700-0830




Break Room

Break Room

Break Room

5/22: 1100-1300

5/23: 1100-1300

5/24: 1100-1300


At-Large HGH
Chief Steward – HGH
COPE Coordinator – HGH/Eastmont
At Large Free Standing Clinics
Chief Steward – Freestanding Clinics
COPE Coordinator – FMT/JGPH/Winton/Newark
Chief Steward – FMT
Chief Steward – JGPH
COPE Coordinator – SLH
At Large SLH

Vice President General Unit
Vice President RN Unit
Vice President San Leandro Unit

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Assignment Despite Objection form

Assignment Despite Objection form

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Oakland Airport Hilton, September 26-27


For the latest updates, go to:

The convention will be a transformative event, where members will gain greater clarity, energy, motivation and direction to step more fully into their power, with grace, vision, courage and knowledge. This is an opportunity for chapter building, engaging and developing potential leaders, hence making it a priority for staff and elected officers.

Q: What are the qualifications to be a delegate?

A: To be eligible, a member would have to had paid dues for any 4 months in 2014 as well as either January or February, 2015.

Q: Can fee payers participate in the nomination and/or delegate election process?

A: Yes, once they sign a membership form, then they can nominate and vote.


 Q: How many delegates can each Chapter elect?

A: Every Chapter gets 2 delegates automatically. After 300 members, each chapter will have 2 additional delegates. For every additional 150 members, a chapter will have 2 additional delegates.


Q: What is the period of time for completing elections?

A: April 20-July 20, 2015


Q: What is an “uncontested ballot”? (Previously referred to as “white ballot”)

A: When there are more or an equal number of delegate slots as candidates, that is referred to as a uncontested ballot and the chapter does not need to hold a full election.


Q: How are alternate delegates selected?

A: In case a delegate can’t participate due to scheduling, illness, etc. Chapters should select alternates even if the delegate election for that Chapter is uncontested or the Chapter does not elect the full number of delegates which it is entitled to.

Here are the rules for selecting alternates: All Chapters are encouraged to select at least two (2) alternates. Alternates need to be ranked by votes received (e.g. the highest vote total becomes Alternate #1, second highest voted becomes Alternate #2, etc.)

In Chapters with “uncontested ballots” (where there are more or an equal number of delegate slots as there are candidates, thus making an election unnecessary), Chapters are still encouraged to select up to two (2) alternates and designate these as Alternate #1 & #2.

Convention Delegates, who become ineligible or unable to attend, shall notify the 1021 Convention Election Committee in writing no later than 8/20/15. An Alternate or Alternates will then be credentialed and seated. Delegates who notify the 1021 Convention Election Committee after 8/20/15 will not be replaced by an alternate.

Q: Which chapters may select honorary delegates? How will honorary delegates be selected?

A:Workers who have recently organized with Local 1021, but who have not ratified their first collective bargaining agreement may select honorary delegates.  The process for selecting honorary delegates will be as follows:  two (2) honorary delegates will be elected at upcoming membership meetings.


If you are a Delegate:

Q: How will delegates register for the convention?

A:  Once the delegate certification form is turned in, the delegate will be sent a welcome letter by e-mail and mail which gives them directions on how to register.  (That is why it is critical that their contact information is on certification form).


Q: Do we pay lost time for delegates attending the Convention?

A: Yes, follow the local’s lost time policy. Anyone working from 12:01am on Saturday through 11:59pm on Sunday will receive lost time.

For example: If a delegate works anytime on Saturday or Sunday they may request lost time. So for instance if a member has a shift that starts 11pm on Friday September 25th but goes to 7am Saturday the 26th they may request the time off for their Friday shift and they would receive lost time per the guidelines specified in the policy.


Q: What are the rules around Friday night hotel stays for delegates?

A: Delegateswho travel 75 miles or more (one way) are qualified for Friday night lodging. All Delegates are entitled to Saturday night lodging (there is no required miles to qualify).


Q: What are the rules around the hotel stay on Saturday evening?

A: All delegates are encouraged to stay at the hotel regardless of how close they live to the venue. The local will pay the cost for double occupancy. Depending on room availability, they may request a single room but would need to pay the additional costs.


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AHS SEIU Chapter Welcomes San Leandro Hospital Members With 95% Approval Vote!


On October 16, 2014 the members of Local 1021 at AHS voted to amend their bylaws to include San Leandro Hospital employees in their union chapter.

What’s next for SLH employees? We will now have a voice in our new Chapter by electing a Vice President, At-large Representative and COPE Coordinator to the AHS 1021 Executive Board.

The nomination process for our new officers will be begin soon. Nomination forms will be distributed, so fill one out and turn one into your bargaining team member or union representative.

Also, a membership drive will also be underway at SLH as only union members may run for or elect Chapter Officers.


Download a copy of the flyer

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SEIU 1021 AHS Chapter Shop Steward Training

Join us at one of two SEIU Local 1021 trainings in November and learn how you can amplify the voice of workers at Alameda Health Systems. A steward is a leader, organizer, communicator, educator and contract enforcer who helps build a more powerful union at the worksite and holds management accountable.

Sat. Nov. 15 – Basic Steward Training
8:30a-12p – Breakfast served @100 Oak Street, Oakland Office

This training is designed for new stewards and will focus on the following: the rights and roles of the steward,
Weingarten rights, the principles of just cause, preparing for meetings with management, and how to organize
around issues.

Attention RNs: You must be a steward to participate in the RN Shared Governance Committee so sign up to participate.

Tues., Nov. 11 – Advanced Training: Representing Members in Disciplinary Cases
5:30-8:30p – Dinner Served @ 155 Myrtle Street, Oakland Office

Stewards who wish to develop their organizing skills are invited to this training, which will cover representing
employees in the new disciplinary process including Reminder Meetings and Skelly hearings, investigations, gathering
information, preparing witnesses, writing and filing grievances.

You MUST RSVP with the Member Resource Center at 1-877-687-1021 no later than one week in advance to
attend. See you there!

Download a copy of the AHS Chapter Shop Steward Training

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AHS Chapter Members Attend Cal/OSHA Workplace Violence Healthcare Advisory Meeting

On September 10th, SEIU 1021 AHS Chapter participated in an Cal/OSHA Workplace Violence Healthcare Advisory Meeting. Check out some of the photos from the meeting:




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More than 2,500 Healthcare Workers Approve Contract with Alameda Health System

Three-Year Contract Guarantees Pay Raises, Improved Security Measures for Workers and Patients at Alameda County Public Health Facilities

Oakland, CA –Today more than 900 registered nurses joined 1,600 healthcare workers in voting decisively in favor of a contract that guarantees competitive raises each year of the three year contract and maintains benefits at Alameda Health System (AHS). The contract for workers represented by SEIU 1021 also provides new safety measures — a central component of the employees’ contract fight at AHS. The employees sought to ensure that AHS could recruit and retain a highly competent and secure workforce – and key to that was both keeping employee compensation and benefit structures in line with the market and reducing the increase of violence aimed at workers and patients at AHS facilities.

Starting with improved security staffing, the establishment of a safety committee, and round-the-clock security camera monitoring, workers won groundbreaking contract language designed to address the growing epidemic of workplace violence in healthcare settings.

The 3-year contract covers 900 registered nurses and over 1,600 respiratory therapists, medical clerks, social workers, certified nursing assistants and other healthcare workers at Alameda Health System’s Highland, John George, and Fairmont Hospitals and community health clinics.

“With this contract AHS is helping lead the way to make sure that our public hospitals are safe for workers and the communities they serve,” said Pete Castelli, Executive Director of SEIU 1021. “With an agreement in place, workers and AHS can move forward and focus on working together to make AHS a world-class institution.

“We’re proud to have advocated for the safety of the patients and workers and to have AHS be a partner in helping us make our hospitals and clinics safer for everyone,” said Derrick Boutte, a Highland Hospital environmental services worker and SEIU 1021 Alameda Health System General Chapter President. “This is a victory for everyone.”

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