Contra Costa County COPE

As of Summer 2011, the Contra Costa COPE Committee is in the process of being organized.  Contact people are Michelle Rodrigues.  Michelle is the Area Representative from CoCo County on the Executive Board of Local 1021; contact her at  Staff contacts are Lois McKinney and Millie Cleveland.  Political Coordinator is Ariana Casanova.

The intent is to create a Contra Costa County COPE Committee, consisting of delegates from the chapters in the jurisdictions represented by Local 1021 in Contra Costa County.  The meetings are open to all members of SEIU Local 1021.  Voting delegates to the COPE committee must be approved/appointed by their chapters.

SEIU Local 1021 COPE Committee

The COPE Committee of SEIU Local 1021 meets monthly on the second Tuesday at various locations.  The meeting can be accessed by videoconference and by teleconference (phone).  Vidoeconference locations include the Local 1021 offices in Fairfield, San Francisco, and Oakland-Myrtle Street.  The meeting is chaired by the Local 1021 Political Action Chair, Alysabeth Alexander.  Once the Contra Costa County COPE committee elects its Officers, they will be the voting members at this higher-level committee, representing Contra Costa County.  For more information about the Local 1021 COPE committee, contact, or

Contra Costa County Central Labor Council

SEIU Local 1021 is affiliated with the Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County.  Delegates are appointed to the CLC by the Contra Costa County COPE committee.    Local 1021 Staff Rep Lois McKinney is a member of the Executive Committee of the CoCoCLC.  The monthly Delegates meeting of this Labor Council is the third Wednesday of the month, at 6:00 PM.

GOTV Volunteer Opportunities

Elections are important at the national and local level. Take part in Get Out the Vote programs near you to encourage voter turnout and to inform voters of the importance of electing pro-worker candidates.

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