Alameda County COPE

Pete Albert & Des Patten, Co-Chairs
Debra Pearson, Secretary
Mustafaa Abdul’ Ali, Co-Chair Emeritus
Ariana Casanova, SEIU Local 1021 Staff
Gabriel Haaland, SEIU Local 1021 Staff

The Alameda County COPE Committee meets monthly on the first Tuesday at the SEIU Local 1021 office at 100 Oak Street in Oakland. Dinner at 5:30; meeting at 6:00 PM. The meetings are open to all members of SEIU Local 1021. Voting delegates to the COPE committee must be approved/appointed by their chapters. For more info, please contact, or

COPE support for Bargaining Spring 2013
Gabriel Haaland, Political Organizer, has been assigned to support two important bargaining efforts in Alameda County in the Spring of 2013. Gabriel has many years of political experience working for SEIU in San Francisco. He is providing political support to the contract campaigns at BART and City of Oakland.

Fremont City Council Appointment
There was a vacancy on the Fremont City Council, caused by the election of Councilmember Bill Harrison as Mayor. Ten people applied for the appointment. On January 14, six applicants were interviewed by the Council, and then they appointed Raj Salwan. The officers of our Fremont chapter met the previous week, and interviewed four candidates. They ranked Dave Bonaccorsi first and Raj Salwan second, but they felt that Raj was acceptable. In December, the Alameda Labor Council (ALC) endorsed another one of the applicants, Yogi Chugh.

Democratic Party Delegate Caucuses in January
The Democratic Party selects its delegates to its State Convention, every other year in January. These elections happened at caucuses on January 12-13. The Alameda Labor Council endorsed some Labor members/candidates in two Assembly Districts in Alaco. We forwarded this info to our county COPE committee. Our county COPE committee endorsed one slate of twelve candidates in the 15th A.D. (Oakland flatlands, Emeryville, Berkeley, Albany, and West Contra Costa County). This slate swept all 12 positions. Next year in the Spring, when the Democratic Party votes on its endorsements for legislative and congressional races, as well as statewide candidates like Governor, for November 2014, it is the State Convention that makes those decisions.

South County Caucus
The South County Caucus of the Alameda County COPE Committee meets fourth Tuesday of the month at the Niles office, 37138 Niles Blvd in Fremont. This group serves the members who work for the City of Fremont, the Fremont School District, Union City, Ohlone Community College District, and the Union Sanitary District.
For more info, please contact Pete Albert at, or

SEIU Local 1021 COPE Committee
The COPE Committee of SEIU Local 1021 meets monthly on the second Tuesday at various locations. The meeting can be accessed by videoconference and by teleconference (phone). In Oakland, we meet at the office at 155 Myrtle Street. The meeting is chaired by the Local 1021 Political Action Chair, Alysabeth Alexander. The three officers of the Alameda County COPE committee are the voting members at this higher-level committee, representing Alameda County. For more information about the Local 1021 COPE committee, contact, or

Alameda County Labor Council (ALC)
SEIU Local 1021 is affiliated with the Alameda Labor Council (ALC). Delegates are appointed to the ALC by the Alameda County COPE committee. The ALC Delegates meeting is at 7:00 PM of the first Monday following the first Friday of the month. Local 1021 member and First Vice President Gary Jimenez is the Second Vice President of the ALC,

Oakland-area Campaign, July to November 2012
SEIU Local 1021 represents members at City of Oakland, Port of Oakland, Oakland Housing Authority and the Oakland School District. There were three open seats on the Oakland City Council in the election November 6. And the Mayor appoints the commissioners for the Port and the Housing Authority, with City Council approval. So this election in November was important for our members. We formed a working group to focus on the Oakland campaign, and we worked with our community partners in this effort. In one of the open seats for the Oakland Council, our endorsed candidate Dan Kalb was elected in District One, as well as incumbent Rebecca Kaplan in the At Large seat. In three of the four seats elected for Oakland School Board, our endorsed candidates won. And we supported victorious Rebecca Saltzman for BART Director District 3. Many thanks to members and staff for their hard work in the Oakland campaign. And thanks to Aimee Allison, who served as a media consultant to the Oakland campaign. Aimee is a Local 1021 member who works at the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women, and did Oakland campaign work in her spare time.

Download a copy of our Alameda County Endorsements

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