2015 Member Convention


Convention delegate elections are April 20 – July 20.

(Get flyer:  How to become a SEIU 1021 Convention Delegate .)


A membership convention of delegates from each chapter of the Union shall be held at least every two (2) years. The purpose of the membership convention is to:

A. Develop member leadership through education and training.

B. Strengthen our Union by providing members with an opportunity to network, share ideas and connect across the Union.

C. Discuss, advise on, and ratify major plans and projects of the Union.

D. Celebrate the contributions and work of members in advancing the goals and objectives of the Union.

Delegates shall be allocated by Chapter based on two (2) delegates for each chapter, two (2) additional delegates for every additional one hundred fifty (150) members in each chapter. Each chapter shall elect its delegates.

Role of Delegates

Delegates represent their chapter at the convention, communicate convention decisions to chapter members, and provide leadership in enacting the major plans and projects of the Union as approved at the convention.

Delegates must be available and committed to attending the September 26 & 27, 2015 convention.

Eligibility to run foDelegate

In order to run for and serve as a 1021 convention delegate, candidates shall be members employed within a bargaining unit represented by the Chapter AND:

(1) Have paid member dues in Jan. or Feb. 2015 AND paid dues for at least 4 months during 2014. The 4 months in which they paid dues in 2014 need not be consecutive, OR

(2) Have paid member dues in Jan. or Feb. 2015 AND also paid dues for as many months as they could in their chapter if their chapter was in existence for fewer than 4 months in 2014.

 For more information, go to: www.1021convention.org .

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Over 200 member leaders join in SF to give input on shaping local’s priorities

SF Regional Mobilization

2015 Convention: Over 200 member leaders join in SF to give input on shaping local’s priorities

The excitement for shaping the direction of SEIU 1021 is building. The fifth Regional Leadership Mobilization took place in San Francisco this Saturday and was the biggest one yet, with well over 200 members participating. The union hall was packed, and there was no shortage of issues brought to the forefront — but also ideas for how we as a union can start addressing those issues.

As in other regions, San Francisco members see many pressing issues in their community: a lack of good, full-time jobs; lack of affordable housing; rising health care and education costs; and the contracting out of public sector jobs. In breakout sessions in the afternoon, participants discussed how they could engage their coworkers in the union to aggressively fight back against a profit-driven corporate agenda that threatens the rights and benefits we have fought for over the decades — and how we can become a stronger union in the process of confronting these attacks.

“A powerful union is about more than just how we are individually doing. It’s about how our community is doing. We’re a powerful union when we are engaged in our community and making sure that all working people have the same rights and benefits as we do, working in a healthy and safe environment. It’s important that we engage. We all have busy lives, but if we’re going to have a strong labor movement, we all have to be engaged. We all have to give what we can,” said Robynn Takayama, a 14-year employee of the San Francisco Arts Commission.

Member leaders in San Francisco and across the local are gearing up for the 1021 Member Convention on September 26-27 in Oakland, and are bringing their best ideas for shaping the local’s direction. Delegate elections begin April 20.

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East Bay members address inequality, healthcare & more

east bay mobilization

2015 Convention: East Bay members address inequality, healthcare & more

On Saturday, March 21, SEIU 1021 members from around the East Bay brainstormed ways to address economic inequality, unaffordable healthcare, and unavailable housing while showing that unions have a historic responsibility to be the catalyst for broad social and economic change.

This was the fourth Regional Mobilization that brought together members from throughout northern California to devise strategies to amplify our voice and strengthen our union — and prepare for the 2015 Member Convention, which takes place September 26-27.

The more than 100 members in the audience addressed challenges we face at the bargaining tables — and in the community — to win better wages and jobs for all.

Some of the key issues discussed in breakout groups surrounded questions of economic inequality and how politics plays a role. One question that members discussed: “What are the policies and legislation that corporations have implemented, or are trying to implement, that negatively impact communities and working people?”

Kim Moses, president of the Port of Oakland chapter, said: “There seems to be a merging of the corporations and the state. Politicians increasingly don’t support the working class. They go to unions, hat in hand, but then they don’t stick to their platform after they get their campaign contributions.”

The room erupted in applause.

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San Joaquin seeks a better deal for working America

It was a pretty good deal for the labor movement. Not great, but pretty good.

The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 guaranteed the right of workers to bargain collectively for better pay and working conditions, ending a massive wave of strikes across the country. In return, industry got labor peace, paving the way for the nation to rise from the Great Depression into a new era of proweb_SJ-Mobilizationsperity. It was all part of President Roosevelt’s “New Deal” for America.

But it was too good to last. After World War II, industrialists struck back and in 1947 won passage of the Taft-Hartley Act to curb labor’s power, creating the right of states to pass “right to work” laws intended to cripple unions’ ability to organize.

Now those laws are descending on the country with a vengeance (literally; see In Solidarity below). The problem — as SEIU 1021 members learned at this weekend’s Regional Mobilization in Stockton — is that workers’ rights were created by laws and not enshrined in the US Constitution. That means they could be changed — or taken away completely.

Which brings us to Stockton

At the third of five Regional Mobilizations taking place now throughout our local, members learned some history, assessed the present, and geared up for the future in preparation for the 2015 Member Convention, taking place Sept. 26-27 in Oakland.

There’s no hiding that the challenges we and all working people face today are grave. As you can read below, there is a coordinated, extremely well funded, nation-wide assault underway to destroy labor unions.

In addition to the dark reality of the maps, two cases before the US Supreme Court this year are intended to be the final nail in the coffin of all public sector unions: They could overturn Abood v. Detroit Board of Education (1977), thereby destroying unions’ right to collect fair share fees for representing non-members but leaving the duty to represent them in place. It will be death by a thousand cuts.

How do we respond?

At the 2015 Member Convention, members from throughout SEIU Local 1021 will convene to create a plan of action for dealing with both the existential crisis facing labor and the everyday crises faced by all of us and our families and communities: stagnant wages, unaffordable health care, rising housing costs, and more.

With the Regional Mobilizations, the Convention is already building up steam (the actual date is only 6 months away). The time to get involved is now.

Interested in becoming a convention delegate? Stay tuned for more details and upcoming delegate elections!


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North Central Region Prepares To Win

Group photo2

Members from Butte, Napa, Sacramento, Shasta and Solano counties left their regional mobilization on Saturday fired up and ready to go.

The March 7 event was the second of five regional mobilizations taking place throughout the local this month in preparation for the 2015 Member Convention, which takes place Sept. 26-27 in Oakland.

Meeting at the Joseph Nelson Community Center in Suisun City, members discussed and prioritized pressing issues within the North Central region. These are opportunities for leaders from across the region to address pressing issues together in preparation for the convention.

Join a Regional Mobilization event in your:

March 14 – San Joaquin

March 21 – East Bay

March 28 – San Francisco

Crawford Johnson, Regional VP for the North Central Region stated that, “these events are great opportunities to unify our members across chapters and regions; and to identify region-specific needs so we can strategically plot out the fight to win for our communities and for all working families throughout Northern California.”

Among some of the issues highlighted were: the need to protect and enhance affordable housing; building political influence and addressing corporate control of the public sector. These issues and many more will be crucial in building a strategy to win across our local and our state.

Luke Pyle, Chico Parks and Recreation member said, “this event made me realize that we are not alone in being passionate advocates for workers rights. It is inspiring to know other people have your back as we carry out the good fight together.”

Delegate elections will take place April 20 – July 20.
Stay tuned for more details.

Visit us on-line at www.1021convention.org

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2015 Member Convention: Think Big. Act Bold.

Save the date_ Convention_ for web v2

Be a part of the movement of workers from all over our union coming together for the SEIU 1021 Convention on September 26 and 27, 2015 at the Oakland Airport Hilton.

The convention will feature:

• inspiring speakers
• thought-provoking workshops &  presentations
• socializing & dancing


Convention delegate elections happening April 20-July 20th 2015. More information to follow.

For the latest convention updates, log on to: www.1021CONVENTION.org .

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Strengthening Union Power, One Region at a Time


On Saturday, Feb. 28, SEIU 1021 members from Del Norte, Mendocino, Marin and Sonoma counties gathered in Santa Rosa at our first Regional Mobilization. These union meetings bring leaders from across the region together to address pressing issues and to prepare for the 2015 SEIU 1021 member convention, which takes place September 26-27.

SEIU 1021 members in other regions will have the opportunity to devise strategies to amplify our voice and strengthen our union:

Upcoming Regional Leadership Mobilizations

March 7 – Napa, Solano, Sacramento, Butte, Shasta, and Yuba counties

March 14 – San Joaquin

March 21 – East Bay

March 28 – San Francisco

North Coast member leaders discussed serious threats to our communities: economic inequality, unaffordable housing, and the rapid increase of healthcare cost premiums. We prioritized ways to address these challenges.

Tom Popenuck, North Bay Regional Vice President said, “We’re confronted with a choice: do we cave into the corporate elite’s agenda, or do we fight for our vision of a united and thriving working class? As 1021 members we’re taking a stand, and at this year’s convention we’ll chart a path to win.”

Interested in becoming a convention delegate? Stay tuned for more details and upcoming delegate elections.

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