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ON LABOR DAY | SEPTEMBER 4TH Stand Up For Strong Unions.

Strong unions give us the power to raise wages, hold the powerful accountable, and boost the standard of living for all Americans. On Labor Day, join a national day of action to stand up for our right to unite to fight for a better future.

*8:30 AM — Gather at 14th/Jackson St. Oakland

*9:00 AM–Music and kids activities: Fight for $15 Workers Demand a Union Labor Day March Kick-off 1330 Jackson St, Oakland, CA Join us as we march for: • Child Care Workers Demand a Union and Affordable Childcare • Immigrant Justice Now Action • Invest in Good Jobs for All • Homecare Workers and Reinvestment Justice Coalition

*11:00AM: Together We Rise Rally  at Frank Ogawa Plaza/Oscar Grant Plaza Rally will be followed by live entertainment, food, and union and resistance themed activities.

For more information contact Nato.Green@seiu1021.org.

Download the flyer here:


Berkley City Works RGB


Join our Rally Against Hate. Far-right extremists are coming to Berkeley to disrupt our community. We are planning a peaceful, non-violent rally to counter their hate speech on August 27 at Addison St. and Oxford St. in Berkeley at 10:30AM.

We are a diverse group of Berkeley residents and people who work in Berkeley who believe in women rights, immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights and worker rights. We are students, teachers, seniors, city workers, and working families coming together for a peaceful rally against hate speech.

Our peaceful Rally Against Hate will not be in the same physical space or time as the far-right extremists’ rally in Berkeley.

The right wing extremists plan to test Berkeley’s worldwide reputation as the bedrock of free speech, tolerance and peaceful assembly by inciting violence with their hate speech.

Our gathering will organize the peaceful alternative to their white nationalist ideals, their hateful islamophomic views, their anti-immigrant and trans-phobic speech – ideals that are tearing families and communities apart. Join us on August 27 to tell the world that the majority of Americans reject violence and bigotry.

Download the flyer here:
Peaceful Rally Against Hate vSEIU1021 Final 

Compassion is a California Value – Pass SB 54

Our state, counties, and cities work to provide critical public services to communities, and not the deportation business. That’s why we’re working to pass SB 54, the California Values Act, that would protect all Californians by making sure local and state resources aren’t used to separate families or violate Californians’ due process rights. It prevents state and local law enforcement agencies from using their resources, including money, property, equipment, or personnel, to help with immigration enforcement.

All people in the United States, regardless of immigration status, have rights under our Constitution and other laws. SB 54 protects these rights for Californians and helps protect our schools, courts, hospitals, and communities from harassment from federal immigration agencies.

SB 54 has passed the State Senate and will be up for vote in the Assembly. It is facing fierce opposition. Call your Assemblymember today!

 victory health care website optimized
After months of pressure from SEIU members across the country, hundreds of allied organizations, and thousands of individuals of all political persuasions, the effort in Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed late Thursday night.

“SEIU 1021 members knew this repeal would be devastating if it passed, and we sprang into action right away. We made phone calls to members of Congress and attended town hall meetings and protests,” said nonprofit worker and SEIU 1021 Vice President of Politics Alysabeth Alexander. “Our testimony about our family members, clients, and patients illustrated the suffering that would occur from kicking those with preexisting conditions off of healthcare plans, or placing lifetime caps on coverage. It was all of our voices raised together that stopped this repeal in its tracks,” continued Alexander.

This was a victory for the labor movement, and a testament of the strength of the coalition of diverse groups that formed to save health care for 32 million people, and the jobs of those who care for them. Kicking these people off their plans would have made plans for those retaining coverage even more expensive.

We have learned that politicians will serve the wealthiest people in this country at our expense unless we make our voices heard. When SEIU members join together we can beat back even the most well-funded attacks. This effort was made possible by COPE membership, a voluntary contribution that SEIU members make to build political power for working people locally and nationally. When we take on politicians who do the bidding of Wall Street instead of Main Street, we depend on the strength of SEIU COPE to hold them accountable.

We have learned how to win. Now, let’s make sure we hold Congress accountable as they take up the federal budget. We need to keep fighting to make sure that budget reflects priorities of working people, and that includes protecting crucial programs like schools, infrastructure, Medi-Cal (Medicaid) and Medicare. We need you to join with us to take this fight to the next level!

Know Your Rights: What to Do When ICE Comes to Your Workplace

As public sector workers in state, county and city agencies, school districts, public hospitals, libraries and courts you play a vital role interacting with the public and sometimes have access to databases with personal information.

As a result, your worksites and the information you gather may be sought out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This, coupled with the uncertainty about how the current presidential administration will be enforcing immigration laws, has led to a lot of confusion and questions by workers like you.

Learn your basic rights as public sector employees:


All people in the U.S., regardless of immigration status or citizenship, have rights under the Constitution and other laws. Common-sense immigration programs are under attack, and thousands of California residents are being targeted with community raids. Families are being torn apart, while immigrants with no criminal record are being detained.

Learn more about the laws that protect you and your loved ones. Know your rights!

Visit iAmerica.org/know-your-rights (resources available in English, Spanish, Polish, Korean, Tagalog, Chinese, Vietnamese, Khmer, Hindi and Haitian Creole)

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