Reining In Healthcare Costs

Today SEIU joined 50 California grassroots groups – backed by healthcare advocates, worker, consumer, and community organizations – to support a broad, new campaign called Care4All California to push for universal, affordable health coverage in California while also making the system more accountable to reduce costs, improve care quality, and overall health equity.

“Workers are tired of seeing more of their paychecks gobbled up by insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-pays each year, while providers take bigger profits and invest less in delivering actual care,” said Roxanne Sanchez, President of SEIU California and SEIU Local 1021. “Worker healthcare costs are rising three times faster than inflation, while pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and insurers rake in billions in profits. It is clear California must take action to make prices fairer and affordable.”

The Care4All California plan – outlined at a news conference at the State Capitol on March 15 — contained at least 20 pieces of legislation and budget items, spanning Assembly and Senate authors, includes:

  • Advance California to universality and affordability in coverage, by expanding Medi-Cal to remove key exclusions for income-eligible Californians, based on immigration status, as well as age, and increasing affordability assistance in Covered California, on a sliding scale up and down the income ladder, to lower both premiums and costs sharing like deductibles in a high cost-of-living state.
  • Contain costs while holding the health care establishment accountable for improved quality and reducing healthcare disparities, through increased oversight over the industry, including on issues of industry consolidation, rising health insurance premiums, and other cost drivers.
  • Stop the sabotage of President Trump’s administrative attacks on the ACA from eroding existing coverage and consumer protections, loosen standards on health plans, and undermine our insurance market, public programs, and health system.

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