City of Oakland Workers Strike to Protest Unfair Labor Practices and Inadequate City Services

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On Thursday, November 2, City of Oakland members went on strike to protest the City’s unfair labor practices and failures of leadership on homelessness, illegal dumping, and abuse of temporary, part-time workers without basic workplace rights and protections.  Workers walked off the job at 2:30 p.m. and rallied at City Hall before taking to the street and marching to 14th and Madison to picket Mayor Libby Schaaf’s State of the City address.

A diverse group of workers picketed peacefully for hours, making their case that the booming city of Oakland and its residents deserve better services. The city is experiencing a homelessness crisis, made worse by a lack of affordable housing, and is struggling to control an epidemic of illegal dumping. Despite these critical problems, City leaders continue to rely on understaffed departments and a workforce made up of part-time workers without benefits or just cause protections against unfair terminations.

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Community members, labor leaders, and City Council members stood with 1021 members in their strike and also called on other City leaders to prioritize city workers and the vital services they provide. Every City Council member honored the SEIU 1021 picket line.

SEIU 1021 and the City have been in contract negotiations for nearly 6 months, and are scheduled to meet again early next week.

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