Solano County Workers Go on Strike


Public health nurses, clerical staff, eligibility benefits specialists, librarians and social workers were among the hundreds of Solano County workers who flooded the County Board of Supervisors and participated in a 1-day strike today. Workers went on a 1-day strike in protest of unfair labor practices and to improve the services that they provide to communities in need.

“Families are facing devastation throughout our region, and many of us are working around the clock to make sure that they get the help they need,” said Frank Calzada-Rodriguez, a Solano County Eligibility Benefits Specialist. “Right now I have 400 families in my caseload that need services, and I’m anticipating the number of cases will go up. With the understaffing we’re facing, I’m worried that those families won’t get the help they need right away.”

In the past two years, vacancy rates at the County have gone well over 10%, with rates higher in some departments. Such vacancy rates have resulted in decreased services for County residents, services for which the County has allocated millions of dollars.

By maintaining high vacancy rates, the County has achieved nearly $14 Million in savings that were not used for services that diligent but understaffed County employees have to provide to the public.

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