City of Oakland Workers Speak Out for Community Services

City of Oakland workers are currently in contract negotiations and are fighting to restore public services to residents. Several Oakland departments are understaffed and are struggling to meet public needs, as pointed out by Ivan Satterfield of Oakland Public Works–Keep Oakland Clean and Beautiful in a recently published letter to the editor.

Local 1021 member Ivan Satterfield, City of Oakland worker in Public Works, for Keep Oakland Clean and Beautiful.

Ivan Satterfield, City of Oakland, Public Works, Keep Oakland Clean and Beautiful

“Before the recession, KOCB got about 13,000 work orders a year. In 2016, we received more than 30,000 — and we have about half as many workers now as we did then,” wrote Ivan.

Alice Lynne McCain of Oakland Public Libraries wrote, “Oakland is booming. The need for city services has never been higher. But the city’s staffing levels are stuck at recession-era levels, and we have as many part-time, temporary workers as full-time workers.”

Local 1021 member Alice Lynne McCain, Oakland Public Libraries.

Alice Lynne McCain, Oakland Public Libraries

Oakland workers are taking a stand against the City’s failure to prioritize services to the public, and they’re informing residents of what they can do to urge City leaders to do the right thing. SEIU 1021 members are precinct walking tomorrow to let community members know how the decisions made at City Hall are impacting the lives of not only Oakland workers but residents too.

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