We Filed a Petition for Card Check Recognition at Santa Rosa Junior College


We are one step closer to joining our Santa Rosa Junior College coworkers united in SEIU 1021

On Wednesday, May 17, we filed a petition for card check recognition with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). PERB is the state agency that verifies whether workers want to form a union.

Card check is the process by which workers can sign authorization “cards” to show they want to be part of a union, and card check recognition is when PERB verifies and counts the cards.

With SEIU 1021, STNC (Short Time Non-Continuing) workers can have a greater voice on the job; we can secure benefits, better working conditions, and greater job security.

“STNC workers at SRJC deserve the protection of union representation. We are stronger together. Just like SEIU fights to protect the classified workers here on campus, I believe that SEIU will fight to improve conditions for the STNC community,” says Ian Maurer, a Santa Rosa Junior College STNC.

Ian has been a member of the SRJC community for most of the past 18 years. He first enrolled in classes in 1999, and began working as a Student Employee on campus in 2004. Since then he’s also worked as an Intern, Professional Expert, independent contractor, and as an STNC. He’s held over twenty positions with four departments, and now regularly receives approval to exceed the 25 hour weekly cap placed on STNCs.

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