The High Cost of Unaffordable Housing

SEIU 1021 Napa County Workers

On May 9, Napa County workers flooded the Board of Supervisors’ chamber to address the sky-rocketing cost of living and the lack of affordable housing in the county. SEIU 1021 members provided powerful stories on the financial strain caused by climbing housing and childcare costs.

“I feel as though I’m taking two steps forward and three steps back. I’m asking the board to consider the cost of housing in Napa in our next contract, because I need to stay in Napa — the place I live and work,” testified Krissy Premo-Carr, a probation legal clerk who has worked for the county for 28 years.

Workers like Krissy are being forced to move from the places they call home and the communities they serve. In neighboring Sonoma County, workers like Betsy Aparicio and her family’s rent increased by 18% in one year. The following year she received a notice that her rent was scheduled to go up another $130 a month.

“I grew up here and I believe that if you’re doing the best you can, you shouldn’t be forced to move out because of real estate investors gouging rent prices,” said Betsy, who’d like to raise her daughter Kayla in Santa Rosa, where she was raised.

Both Krissy and Betsy believe their communities and their families are worth fighting for. They’re taking action, along with their coworkers, to make Napa and Sonoma County a place for working families.

Napa County workers are fighting for a fair contract that ensures families can keep up the cost of living, and Sonoma County workers are doing their part to pass Measure C. Measure C protects Santa Rosa renters from unjust evictions and caps annual rent increases at 3%.

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