County Workers to Napa Board of Supervisors: We need solutions to the rising cost of living & lack of affordable housing

SEIU 1021 Napa County WorkersOn May 9, Napa County Workers flooded the Board of Supervisors’ chamber to ask for solutions to the sky-rocketing cost of living and the lack of affordable housing in Napa County. SEIU 1021 members testified during the board meeting’s public comment. They told stories about how the financial strain caused by the high cost of living, childcare, and housing is pushing working families away from the community they work in.

Krissy Premo-Carr is a probation legal clerk who has worked for the county for 28 years testified in front of the board of supervisors. She told her story about going through a divorce, has a son with autism and is trying to make ends meet with a second job.

“Over the past several years it seems like each COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) we receive comes with a price: higher medical costs, higher cost of living, and higher insurance. I feel as though I’m taking two steps forward and three steps back. I’m asking the board to consider the cost of housing in Napa in our next contract, because I need to stay in Napa — the place I live and work,” said Premo.

Two significant things happened after members rallied and testified at the board of supervisors on May 10:

  1. The action and testimonies were featured on the front page of the Napa Valley Register, the same day members were meeting with the Napa County executives for contract negotiations.
  2. In this negotiations session they saw the most significant movement at the table, and the County made a commitment to increase compensation for lowest paid and under-compensated workers.

SEIU 1021 members are not stopping now. As the affordability problem and housing injustice pushes residents out of Napa County, our fight continues to live where we work. Napa County workers’ next action will be unity breaks at HHS Campus, 2751 Napa Valley Corporate Dr. and the Administration Building, 1195 Third St. on May 25th, from 12-1PM.

Check out the front-page story in the Napa Valley Register:

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