Sacramento County Welfare Supervisors Reach Tentative Agreement

Two days of worksite unity breaks moved negotiations forward in Sacramento County, and now Sacramento County Welfare Supervisors united in SEIU Local 1021 have a Tentative Agreement (TA) on a contract after over a year of negotiations.

Prior to last week’s actions, the County declared there was no more movement at the table and that they wanted to move to impasse mediation. Our members strongly disagreed that there was impasse but agreed to mediation to move contract talk along and decided it was time to show the County what solidarity looks like. On May 3 and 4, bargaining unit members at worksites across the county purpled up, picked up their best signs, and took to the streets and sidewalks on their breaks to turn up the heat.

The pressure worked; on May 4, the second day of mediation, things at the table began to move. By 7 p.m., the bargaining team was able to announce that a TA had been reached.

“Negotiations were very difficult and challenging, however we came an agreement we consider to be the best contract possible for the membership of the Bargaining Unit,” said bargaining team member Alisa Young. “Many thanks to our members for stepping up and out on their breaks to show their support.”

After over a year of negotiating, the bargaining team credits the breakthrough to members who took action and showed the County that when SEIU 1021 members go to the bargaining table, they take the solidarity of their union brothers and sisters with them.

In announcing the TA on Facebook, Mike Sharp, acting president of the supervisors’ chapter, expressed gratitude on behalf of the bargaining team:

“You all stepped up, and made your voices heard. The County noticed! Excellent work to you all. Your Bargaining Team greatly appreciates your efforts.”

The bargaining team will begin meeting with chapter members this week to learn the details of the TA and the process for ratification.

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