Fighting for Affordable Housing in Santa Rosa


Santa Rosa is on the verge of a housing crisis. “A lot of people are working paycheck to paycheck. For many it’s a matter of one more rent increase that could move them into homelessness,” says SEIU 1021 Sonoma County member Janie Camacho.

Janie, a Senior Account Clerk for Sonoma County, is among the 1021 members who are phone banking and canvassing to pass Measure C in Santa Rosa. She’s also among the thousands of residents facing skyrocketing rents and the prospect of being forced out of the community she lives and works in.

Half of Santa Rosa residents are renters, and Santa Rosa has seen some of the highest rent increases in the country. Measure C would provide some relief.

Last year, Santa Rosa City Council, with the support of a labor and community alliance including 1021 and the North Bay Organizing Project, passed an ordinance to stabilize rents and also include a just cause eviction policy for all rental properties in the city. This victory for working families is now under attack by the California Apartment Association.

On June 6, voters will have the opportunity to defend the city’s rent stabilization ordinance. This will help make Santa Rosa more fair and more affordable.

To find out more about Measure C and how you can do your part to make Santa Rosa a community that works for working families, visit

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