Bargaining Begins at La Clinica!


Bargaining team members (l to r): Laura Ocon, WIC Nutrition Aide, San Antonio WIC; Laura Plasencia, Human Service Specialist, San Antonio Registration; Sandra Camacho, RN/Case Management, TV Pediatric/Urgent Care; Terry Minjares, Planner, Planning; Molly Soto, Medical Assistant, Clínica Alta Vista; Christine Tom, Panel Manager Assistant, San Antonio Medical

Our Bargaining team is in place, trained and ready to go to the table to get a great contract for all of us. We are prepared to fight for what we need:

  • Fair wages
  • Reasonable workloads
  • Improved staffing levels
  • Job security

Support your team!
We will keep you informed throughout bargaining with dates and actions you can take to help your team get a great contract

Download a copy of the flyer

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