Organizing: Unions winning more thanks to new NLRB election rule

Politico Morning Shift: “‘Banner Year’ For Union Organizing”

Union density in the U.S. stayed flat at 11.1 percent in 2015, but the year was still a good one for organizing, according to a new analysis from Bloomberg BNA. Union elections hit a five-year high at 1,628, with unions winning 1,128, the most in 10 years. The union win-rate, 69.3 percent was down slightly, but it was the second highest win-rate since BNA started keeping score 20 years ago. …

SEIU beat out the Teamsters for the highest union win-rate, clinching 77 percent of its elections. The Teamsters’ 58 percent rate was its best showing in six years, … New York beat out California. New York State won 182 elections relative to California’s 162, according to BNA. …

“Of elections involving fewer than 50 workers, labor prevailed 73 percent of the time, compared to 62 percent for mid-size units (50-99 workers) and 59 percent for larger units. Compounding the advantage is the fact that these smallest elections account for seven out of every 10 that the NLRB holds.”

Bloomberg BNA: “Five Winners (And Four Losers) In A Banner Year For Union Organizing”

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