Friedrichs v. CTA: The view from California

Sacramento Bee: “California labor unions react to Supreme Court dues debate”

While the outcome of Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association could end compulsory payments to government unions, maintain the status quo or fall somewhere in between, the labor leaders interviewed by The Sacramento Bee remained optimistic regardless of the outcome that their associations would adapt.

“We’ll continue to exist,” said Dave Low, executive director of the California School Employees Association, “but it would weaken us.”

Sacramento Bee: “Dan Walters: Supreme Court could hit unions in wallets”

The decision won’t come down for months — too late for it to make a difference in union political activities this year. However, if the court rules as expected, it could make a big dent in the future political power of California’s public unions. …

But those representing low-paid workers — some of them earning no more than minimum wages — such as janitors, gardeners and home care aides, could take big hits. And it could make organizing child caregivers and other service workers much more difficult.

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