Climate Justice: The Paris conference begins

8-12-1_Eiffel-TowerAmong the participants at the COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris is Martha Hawthorne, an SEIU 1021 retired nurse and activist. Today the 1021 NewsWire brings you the first of her reports. Follow the NewsWire’s climate justice coverage on the web here In Solidarity.

Grist: “The Paris climate negotiations, explained”

Watch this entertaining and educational short video for a great primer on the Paris climate conference. Is the end of the world coming? Grist will be reporting from Paris to let us know.

LA Times: “California’s Paris delegation: Who’s going and who’s paying?”

Sacramento Bee: “California to Paris: Take our ideas, send money”

When Gov. Jerry Brown and a group of state lawmakers arrive in Paris this week for international climate talks, their primary role — while world leaders try to hammer out an accord — will be to promote California’s aggressive greenhouse gas reduction policies on a world stage. …

But there are other reasons to make the trip. “What we want to bring back to California, obviously, is more investment capital,” (Senate President Pro Tem Kevin) de León said.

The Nation: “Making the Paris Climate Talks Count”
Video report by Naomi Klein

It’s a classic case of the shock doctrine in action: In the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks on Paris earlier this month, the French government is using that crisis to try to silence the climate justice activists who have converged on the capital city for this week’s COP21 climate conference. But this time it’s not working.

“What we’re seeing here is a show of defiance,” she reported on the first day of the conference.

In the first of Naomi Klein’s video dispatches from the front-lines of the Paris climate justice protests, produced by Mediapart and The Nation, Klein explains that at the bottom of all the jargon that will be thrown about this week are human lives — lives that are already being impacted by climate change. If these talks fail to produce substantive changes to our carbon-intensive economy, those lives will only be in greater danger.

48 Hills: “The Agenda: A climate-change solution in SF?”

The (conservative) economists who worry about the impacts of rapid reductions in the use of fossil fuels ought to be worried about something else, he noted: Many of the world’s biggest and most important cities are going to be underwater in 30 years if things don’t change quickly. That will have a much greater impact on the global GDP (and the profits of big corporations) than a modest reduction in emissions.

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