Clarification on Neutral Candidate Forums

The following instructions pertain to candidate forums and member meetings. All staff and candidates are advised to read and follow the instructions below. If you have questions, please e-mail

  1. Candidate forums cannot take place until after January 11, 2016.
  2. Staff are to have no involvement in setting up candidate forums of any kind with the exception of room reservations, meeting notices and food ordering in those situations in which the candidate forum is occurring as part of a regularly scheduled meeting of a chapter, regional or industry council where there is a practice of ordering food. (Note: Staff who are members of SEIU 1021 have the same rights as other members to participate in such activities as long as it is not being done on work time and with union equipment, funds, etc.)
  3. Chapter, regional and industry meetings: During the election period, any chapter/industry/regional meeting that includes a candidates forum will not have staff involvement in any logistics connected to the meeting with the exception of room reservations (if at one of the union offices), meeting notices and food for the meeting (if chapter, regional or industry funds are being utilized for the purchase of food). Those setting up an industry/chapter/regional meeting with a candidate forum must meet the criteria specified in 7(a) and 7(b) below.
  4. Candidates are not permitted to campaign at any union meeting other than during a candidate forum that has been properly noticed to other candidates as detailed in this memo.
  5. Meetings at worksites: The same prohibition exists around use of employer resources for a candidate forum. Those setting up a meeting at a worksite must meet the criteria specified in 7(a) and 7(b) below.
  6. In order to use a union office for a neutral candidate forum, the criteria specified in 7(a) and 7(b) below must be met.
  7. The following applies to all candidate forums at Local 1021 union offices and employer worksites and/or offsite events held in conjunction with another union-sponsored event such as an industry meeting:
  • a. A notice of the meeting must be posted on the local website at least 72 hours prior to the meeting and must specify the offices to be included in the candidate forum. Event postings must be sent to
  • b. The SEIU member in charge of planning the meeting must be able to demonstrate the following:
  1. Notification to candidates was made at least 72 hours prior to the meeting via the candidate-provided contact information posted on the Local 1021 website.
  2. All candidates must be notified and invited; however, if the forum is just for a particular office, then only the candidates running for that office need to be invited. In this case, no other candidates may speak at the event.
  3. Candidates are not required to RSVP for candidate forums. If a meeting notice requests an RSVP, the notice should be worded to the effect “in order to provide sufficient food quantities, an RSVP is requested.”
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