1,800 Solano Workers Complete Second Day of Strike Demanding County Executives Bargain Fairly


Executives Refuse to Return to Negotiations or Find Common Ground on Issues

Fairfield—Workers will return Friday morning to more than 40 facilities across Solano County after completing a two-day unfair labor practices strike protesting an ongoing refusal by county executives to engage in good faith bargaining.

For more than three months, workers represented by SEIU Local 1021 have engaged in contract talks with the County, only to face a pattern of bad faith bargaining. The County has not had a bargaining representative with the authority to make agreements, and workers have been intimidated to prevent them from participating in protests against the County.

The bad-faith patterns of bargaining led workers to declare a day of strike after the contract expired on September 28th.  This is the first time in 25 years that workers in Solano County have gone on strike.

“We didn’t want to strike,” said Joanne Godreau, an Eligibility Benefits Specialist, “our Solano community relies on the work that we do, but they’re also the reason why we’ve been urging the County Executives to listen and talk to us about how we can improve services. Our community relies on us to provide these services, and we rely on County government to treat us fairly.”

The striking workers ensured that emergency services, such as emergency dispatch, remained operational during the strike.

“We have single mothers walking the strike line,” said Akbar Bibb, a Solano County social worker and member of the SEIU 1021’s bargaining team. “They don’t want to miss their pay, and they don’t want to spend all day protesting outside management offices just to be heard. In fact all they want is to be able to do their job. That is why we need to reach a fair agreement. If the executives would just talk honestly and legally, we could easily resolve this all.”

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