Public Employee Relations Board Rules Against Solano County Negotiators As Solano County Workers Inform Board of Supervisors of 90% Strike Vote

Fairfield, CA – Today Solano County’s largest union, SEIU 1021, and its members delivered the results of their strike authorization vote. On October 2, 2015, 90% voted to authorize their bargaining team to call for a strike over the County’s bad faith bargaining.

On Monday, an Administrative Law Judge from the Public Employment Relations Board (“PERB”) agreed with SEIU Local 1021’s unfair labor practice charge that Solano County violated the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act (“MMBA”) when it re-wrote the MMBA’s fact finding procedure to give itself a competitive advantage in the process.  The ALJ’s decision is the result of an unfair labor practice (“ULP”) charge that SEIU Local 1021 filed against the County in 2013.

“What this ruling shows is that the County negotiators have been willing to bend the rules to their benefit,” said Akbar Bibb, Solano County Social Worker and SEIU 1021 Solano Chapter President. “The Board of Supervisors must direct the County’s negotiators to follow the law and bargain in good faith with its workers.”

PERB is also the agency that is investigating the unfair labor practice charge that SEIU Local 1021 filed against Solano County on September 23, 2015 alleging that the County has engaged in bad faith bargaining in ongoing negotiations for a contract.  In the 2015 unfair labor practice charge, SEIU Local 1021 alleges that the County has bargained in bad faith by, among other things, refusing to engage in dialogue to consider Union proposals on various issues, including safety of children who receive services from the County, as well as by failing to send a County representative with authority to the bargaining table.

Yesterday, the union filed another unfair labor practice charge against the County for continuing to charge workers 1% of the County’s CalPERS contribution toward retirement, despite the expiration of the County’s contract with its workers.

SEIU 1021 will file additional unfair labor practice charges against the County, including intimidation against workers who have participated in union activity.

SEIU 1021 represents over 1,800 Solano County workers, including social workers, eligibility workers, mental health specialists, public health nurses, librarians, Child Support Services specialists, public safety dispatchers, and veterans’ services workers. Altogether, SEIU Local 1021 represents over 54,000 workers throughout Northern California who make our cities, schools, counties and special districts a safe and healthy place to live in and raise families. SEIU 1021 members nurse our sick, educate our children, clean our schools, and care for our seniors and developmentally disabled.


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