TOP Five Reasons to Attend the 2015 Member convention:

The union starts with you!

1. The Best Education In The Union: The weekend will be packed with educational and training programs, a chance to get intensive skills and development in just two days.

2. To Vote on Our ‘Vision for Power:’ The centerpiece of the convention will include a blueprint for our unions work, which includes activating 1,000 new member leaders.

3. Meet 1021 Members Who Are Making A Difference: With 700 active union members in the same place, make connections and lessons that can help you and your chapter.

4. Get Inspired: The lineup of speakers will leave you feeling more motivated, more inspired, and more ready to take on all the challenges we face.

5. Build Our Union! SEIU 1021 is YOU, and YOU are SEIU 1021. As we look ahead to some serious challenges, member participation is going to be critical. Nobody can do it alone; together, we can’t be stopped.

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