Sonoma County Negotiating Committee Election Results

SEIU 1021 Sonoma County members have kicked off our 2015 Contract Campaign by electing the following members to our Negotiating Team.  Elections were held from Monday, April 20th to Friday, April 24th.

Here are your 2015 Negotiating Team representatives:

Clerical – Unit 001
3 Seats Allocated

Ed Daniels
Amos Eaton
Julia Ortiz
Char Mendoza (Alternate)

General Supervisory – Unit 0095
1 Seat Allocated

Gary Gutierrez
Angie Tate (Alternate)

Social Services – Unit 0025
2 Seats Allocated

Ed Barragan
Jennifer Murray
Steven Harrison (Alternate)

Services and Technical – Unit 0005
3 Seats Allocated

Paul Foster
Bill Christofferson
Rosio Perez
Rod Marusic (Alternate)

Maintenance – Unit -0010
2 Seats Allocated – Uncontested

Torrey Farmer
Kris Hale

Nursing – Unit 00800
1 Seat Allocated – Uncontested

Tim Tuscany

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