More than 2,500 Healthcare Workers Approve Contract with Alameda Health System

Three-Year Contract Guarantees Pay Raises, Improved Security Measures for Workers and Patients at Alameda County Public Health Facilities

Oakland, CA –Today more than 900 registered nurses joined 1,600 healthcare workers in voting decisively in favor of a contract that guarantees competitive raises each year of the three year contract and maintains benefits at Alameda Health System (AHS). The contract for workers represented by SEIU 1021 also provides new safety measures — a central component of the employees’ contract fight at AHS. The employees sought to ensure that AHS could recruit and retain a highly competent and secure workforce – and key to that was both keeping employee compensation and benefit structures in line with the market and reducing the increase of violence aimed at workers and patients at AHS facilities.

Starting with improved security staffing, the establishment of a safety committee, and round-the-clock security camera monitoring, workers won groundbreaking contract language designed to address the growing epidemic of workplace violence in healthcare settings.

The 3-year contract covers 900 registered nurses and over 1,600 respiratory therapists, medical clerks, social workers, certified nursing assistants and other healthcare workers at Alameda Health System’s Highland, John George, and Fairmont Hospitals and community health clinics.

“With this contract AHS is helping lead the way to make sure that our public hospitals are safe for workers and the communities they serve,” said Pete Castelli, Executive Director of SEIU 1021. “With an agreement in place, workers and AHS can move forward and focus on working together to make AHS a world-class institution.

“We’re proud to have advocated for the safety of the patients and workers and to have AHS be a partner in helping us make our hospitals and clinics safer for everyone,” said Derrick Boutte, a Highland Hospital environmental services worker and SEIU 1021 Alameda Health System General Chapter President. “This is a victory for everyone.”

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