Breaking News (National Bloomberg TV News ): “Union Protests $56 Million Tax Break”

We made national news again! We were covered by Bloomberg TV News throughout Tax Day on April 15.  Bloomberg TV’s coverage of our Twitter Tax protest was fascinating!  See all the segments here:

• In the Loop With Betty Liu: “This Tax Day, SF Union Giving A Bill To Twitter”

• Money Makers: “Hate The Game Not The Player”

• Lunch Money:” Mid-Market Companies Are Exempt– for 6-8 years– from paying payroll tax”

• Bloomberg West
Zendesk:”We’ve Signed A Community Benefit Agreement”

• Street Smart with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson (Five Talking Heads)
“Union Protests $56 Million Tax Break”

• Taking Stock With Pimm Fox
“Twitter’s Sweet Deal Taking A Bite of The City Budget”


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