Breaking News (Video, Photos): City Hall Giveaways To Wealthy Corporations Too Costly To San Francisco

City Hall Giveaways To Wealthy Corporations Too Costly To San Francisco

We are fighting for a fair contract for city workers & fighting to restore vital services to the public.

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Over 800 SF city and county workers, nonprofit workers, RNs, court workers, MTA workers and housing authority workers and community allies turned out on their lunch break to a massive rally at City Hall on Wednesday, March 19, with a message for the politicians inside: “No more corporate giveaways; address city worker demands.”

Even as Mayor Ed Lee projects a budget deficit of $96 million–the same amount of the City’s surplus this fiscal year, after a similarly dire prediction last year–the City approved tax breaks to Twitter and other tech companies that total $100 million– more than enough to plug the projected holes without cutting services or employee compensation.

Recent studies also show that the City has paid Kaiser $87 million over the actual cost of care between 2010 and 2012.

In 2013, they demanded–and won–an additional 5% rate increase to the tune of $15 million to the City, despite a decline in actual usage.

“That money could go a long way toward properly funding and staffing our public hospitals and providing other vital services to the community,” said Larry Bevan, who works at Laguna Honda Hospital.

Trina Oates of Westside Community Services spoke to the need for the “clean 15”: raising the minimum wage to $15/hour in SF.

Workers and community organizations including ACCE, UNITEHERE, Local 2, Young Workers United and the Living Wage

Coalition spoke to the need to address affordable housing, transportation, health care, abuse of as-needed workers, and the need for a living wage.

We promised to return on April 15 if Twitter and the other companies receiving tax breaks have not yet paid what they owe to the City.

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