SEIU 1021 Statement on Board of Directors’ Ratification of BART Workers’ Labor Contract

Oakland, CA – Today, after eight months of contract talks, the BART Board of Directors voted to ratify the labor contract for more than 2,300 workers represented by SEIU 1021 and ATU 1555.

SEIU 1021 Executive Director Pete Castelli released the following statement:

“Today’s Board vote incrementally restores the faith that the riders and workers have lost in the BART Board of Directors, but it’s not enough to fix the damage they’ve caused to our communities.

It’s been an unnecessarily long, tough, and contentious eight months of negotiations, which have been prolonged by the BART Directors’ unwillingness to sit down and bargain fairly with the workers. Over the course  of negotiations, the Bay Area has witnessed this Board of Directors throw BART and the Bay Area into chaos by pushing workers out on two strikes and by failing to demand accountability from BART’s General Manager Grace Crunican.

Today BART is less safe and less reliable because of the Directors’ reckless leadership.

Something has to change in order for all of us to regain our confidence in BART, and it starts with having BART Directors who are committed to strengthening the transportation system we all rely on and who prioritize its workers’ and riders’ safety.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with our communities and to elect Directors who are committed to improving service and safety to all who depend on BART.”

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