SEIU 1021 Reaches Fair and Equitable Resolution with BART Management on Disputed Labor Contract Provision

Oakland, CA – Today BART’s largest unions, SEIU 1021 and ATU 1555, reached a tentative agreement with BART’s Management’s negotiators on a disputed contract provision on paid family medical leave.

“Today we’re proud to announce that we’ve reached a resolution that we can bring back to our members for a vote,” said SEIU 1021 BART Chapter President John Arantes. “It’s a fair resolution that would close months of drawn out contract talks and—in the interest of the riding public—end the uncertainty caused by the Board’s removal of a section from our final, complete contract.”

“BART Management has been adamant in their admission of a mistake and how they’ve handled the situation,” Arantes continued, “and, in the past few days, we’ve had the opportunity to have meaningful discussion and resolve some of our differences at the bargaining table. We’d also like to thank Greg Lim, from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services, who returned to provide valuable assistance.”

“Our ability to address the disputed provision at the bargaining table resulted from BART Management’s negotiators sharing the unions’ commitment to bargain fairly and equitably,” said Des Patten, SEIU 1021 Professional Chapter President. “That’s the way to fix problems, and the way we hope BART Management and the BART Directors would move forward from now on, so that they can restore the lost trust from the riders and from their workers.”

After the BART Board of Directors ratify the contract, the amended version of the strike-ending agreement will be brought before SEIU 1021 and ATU 1555 for a vote. Once the ratified, the contract terms would go into effect.

On November 21st, the BART Board of Directors voted to approve a contract that did not have a provision on family medical leave, that BART’s chief negotiator Thomas Hock, Assistant General Manager Paul Oversier, and Labor Relations Manager Rudy Medina bargained and signed with its unions.

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