San Leandro Wins Union Recognition


San Leandro Hospital employees won Union recognition and are now the newest members of SEIU Local 1021. Approximately 200 new members signed up to be represented by SEIU Local 1021 and join their voices within Alameda County and throughout Northern California to fight for community access to quality healthcare.

“As we transition into Alameda Health System (AHS), it’s important that we have the same protections as the rest of AHS employees who are already enjoying the benefits of being in a union. I for one want a union because I want everyone to be
treated fairly, equally and with respect.” said Respiratory Care Practitioner and new 1021 member, Julie Rettig.

Hospital employees worked with SEIU Local 1021 organizing department despite the shuffle in ownership from Sutter Health to Alameda Health System on October 31, 2013. The transfer changed the designation of the hospital from a private hospital to a public hospital and provided workers the ability to form a union governed by public sector laws administered by the Public Employees Relations Board.

To many San Leandro Hospital employees, the transfer meant that employees were no longer under the grip of Sutter Health that adopted many anti-union tactics in the past to discourage workers from having a voice at the hospital. While Sutter Health’s public position on organized labor on paper seems fair, in practice they are known to lead anti-union campaigns in which managers share anti-union materials under the guise of “employees need to be fully informed,” as well as lockouts, stalled negotiations and many other efforts aimed to dismantle the presence of unions.

San Leandro Hospital employees join Alameda Health System employees who are represented by SEIU Local 1021 at Highland Hospital, Fairmont Hospital, John George Clinic and other wellness clinics throughout the Bay Area.

SEIU Local 1021 is a leader on healthcare issues and tirelessly advocates to ensure that quality healthcare is affordable and accessible for all communities throughout Northern California.

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